July 19, 2024

JBL Xtreme 4 review: Portable waterproof speaker

JBL Xtreme 4 is JBL’s latest generation of outdoor speakers aimed at users who like to listen to music outdoors, on trips, discoveries, and gathering with friends with dust resistance, IP67 water resistance, built-in Comes with a convenient strap and comes with up to 24 hours of battery life, ready for all-night fun.

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Xtreme is JBL’s line of “rocking” speakers aimed at parties, meetings, and picnics with vibrant, bass-rich sound, suitable for stirring up the atmosphere, creating excitement for the crowd. . In the 4th generation, JBL continues to bring many upgrades in design, sound quality, battery life, and also equips AI technology to optimize sound.

Neat design, water resistant, dust resistant, with attached strap for easy carrying anywhere

The design of Xtreme 4 still inherits the youthful, healthy style of previous generations but is made more aggressive and strong with more prominent angles. The speaker grille uses cut-resistant parachute fabric with a large JBL logo in the middle.

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Considering the line of portable, outdoor, outdoor speakers, JBL level 2.1Kg. With this parameter, Xtreme 4 is a bit heavier than Xtreme 3 but still completely compact and convenient to carry.

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Along with the availability of 2 metal hooks and shoulder strap, Xtreme 4 embodies the spirit of “going wild” anywhere, ready to follow you to climb passes, wade streams, cross forests and cross rivers.

jbl xtreme 4 review portable waterproof speaker 4

This speaker itself is water and dust resistant up to IP67 standard, so you can completely rest assured that you can “play around” on the banks of rivers, streams, lakes, and swimming pools.

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On the strap, JBL also seemed very thoughtful by arranging a bottle opener for you and your “accomplices” to join the party right away.

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The speaker shell and frame are mainly made of plastic but are very sturdy, with no creaking points. On the side of the speaker is a rubber membrane to protect with silicon feet to limit impact or dropping.

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The top has all the control buttons divided into 2 areas with the volume up and down buttons, Pause/Play music/Skip tracks located separately from each other. While the power key, Bluetooth, and Auracast button are grouped into another area, integrated LEDs on each button help facilitate viewing. Auracast is a new feature equipped by JBL on speaker lines in 2024 that helps connect multiple speakers together to form a “duodenal” sound system. Thanks to Auracast, you can connect two, three or even hundreds of compatible JBL speakers. Currently, Auracast is available on many other JBL speakers such as PartyBox Club 120, PartyBox Stage 320 or JBL Go 4.

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The Xtreme 4’s power port is located on the back and uses the convenient USB-C standard. This USB-C port is equipped with internal water resistance similar to phone models, so there is no need for a cover.

jbl xtreme 4 review portable waterproof speaker 9

In addition to being used to charge the speaker, the USB-C port on the Xtreme 4 also supports reverse charging for the phone with an output capacity of up to 22W, turning this speaker into a true backup battery for “firefighting”. Charge your phone when needed. Inside the Xtreme 4 is a battery with a capacity of up to 68Wh, equivalent to a battery of about 18,400 mAh on the phone, so you can confidently use it as a backup charger without worrying about affecting the speaker’s music playback time.

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Another special feature of Xtreme 4 is that the battery can be easily removed for replacement by simply removing the 2 screws below the base and removing the cover. However, this is a 6-sided screw so you will also need specialized screwdrivers to open it.

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Vibrant, “party “

As a “specialized” speaker line, it is not surprising that right at the first notes, Xtreme 4 shows a vibrant sound quality, rich in bass, extremely suitable for EDM, dance pop, and hip hop music. , Rap club banger, trap, house, RnB… are popular today like Supernova – aespa or Lunch – Billie Eilish. The abundant bass range is expressed firmly, with power and good control, fully responding to songs with high-speed bass.

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The Xtreme 4’s treb range is gentle and smooth, although somewhat dominated by the bass range. The mid sound is similar to the treble range, slightly behind the bass range, appearing relatively thick and detailed.

AI Sound Boost technology on Xtreme 4, as announced by JBL, will use AI algorithms to analyze music sources in real time, then optimize the sound output, delivering powerful and less distorted sound. more sound. Indeed, the speaker has the ability to optimize sound quite impressively. For example, when used in a closed room, the speaker automatically lowers the bass to a certain level, while the treble is clearer. If used in a larger space like outdoors, the bass is stronger and firmer, and the volume also feels larger even without adjustment.

The Xtreme 4 features two 70mm woofers, driven by an RMS amplifier that automatically adjusts to 20W per speaker if on battery and increases to 30W if mains is connected. The two 20 mm tweeters are also driven by RMS amplifiers, reaching 15 W and 20 W respectively. The speaker’s frequency response range reaches 44 Hz – 20 kHz. Thus, when plugged in, Xtreme 4 can produce up to 100W of power and when using the battery it will be 70W. The volume of this speaker can completely fill a room of about 30 square meters. When used outdoors in an open environment, the speaker can still be heard well at a distance of 5 – 7m, suitable for moderate-sized “party sessions” of 10 – 15 people.

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The speaker also integrates a number of JBL’s exclusive audio technologies, in addition to AI Sound Boost, there are also Bass Radiators to increase vividness, while ensuring that sound quality is not degraded when played at high volume in large spaces. .

As mentioned, you can also connect two Xtreme 4s together completely wirelessly to create a pair of speakers with a more vivid stereo effect thanks to Auracast technology. With Bluetooth 5.3 connection, supporting A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6 audio configuration, the speaker operates stably throughout the experience.

The good thing is that Xtreme 4 can also connect to 2 devices at the same time, allowing you to listen to music on your phone and computer or 2 phones. The speaker is also very smart, automatically switching between two sources when it detects which side is giving the command to play music. The wide connection range and stable voltage penetration allows me to hold the phone about 10 meters away from the speaker, through several walls, and still play good music. Note that the Xtreme 4 cannot make calls because it doesn’t have a built-in mic, but actually, with a speaker this big, making calls is a bit inconvenient, the whole neighborhood will hear your conversation.

There is also a control

To fully exploit the power of Xtreme 4, JBL also provides the JBL Portable application on your phone to help you easily manage and fine-tune features. This application has an intuitive, friendly interface, similar to other JBL apps specializing in managing headphones.

jbl xtreme 4 review portable waterproof speaker 14

With JBL Portable, you can see exactly what percentage of Xtreme 4’s battery life is left, switch EQ sound effects according to available settings to suit each music genre or manually fine-tune the EQ. at will. In particular, the app also helps activate the PlaytimeBoost feature to increase both volume and battery life, but at this time the EQ feature will be turned off.

jbl xtreme 4 review portable waterproof speaker 15

In addition, JBL Portable also supports connecting Xtreme 4 with other compatible JBL speakers, viewing a quick user guide, renaming the speaker when connecting or updating the firmware.

Extremely long battery life, partying all night long

According to JBL’s announcement, the Xtreme 4’s battery life is up to 24 hours of use, an additional 6 hours when you use Playtime Boost mode and supports use as a backup battery for the phone thanks to its capacity battery big inside. The speaker also supports fast charging, with 10 minutes of charging you can listen to music for 2 hours.

jbl xtreme 4 review portable waterproof speaker 16

In fact, I have not had any “drinking sessions” all night long for 24 hours to test whether Xtreme 4 can still withstand the information announced by the company or not. However, when testing normally, listening to music continuously for about 4-5 hours with a volume of about 50%, the speaker only loses about 5-6% of the battery, very close to the 24-hour battery level (equivalent to battery consumption). 1%/hour) that JBL announced. Of course, if you listen continuously at the highest volume, the battery will drain faster. But I believe that with this kind of battery life, you can completely safely carry the Xtreme 4 all day or even many days without having to worry much about the battery.

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When the battery drops below 15%, the speaker also displays a continuous red notification light on the front to remind you to charge the battery. Full charge time will take about 3 and a half hours with the 60W charger included in the box. When the battery is full, the front status light will automatically turn white for easy identification.

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With what has been shown, JBL Join friends and relatives to increase the heat for endless fun. Design, included strap, sound quality, especially battery life are strong points that help Xtreme 4 stand out from its competitors. If there is anything stopping you from coming to Xtreme 4.

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