July 19, 2024

Anker MagGo Foldable 3in1 unboxing

The full name of this wireless charging station is ” Anker MagGo Wireless Charging Station (Foldable 3-in-1)”, which is too long so I just call it MagGo Foldable Qi2 for short. Actually, from the moment I learned about this charger through the introduction image at the CES 2024 event, I couldn’t hold back my heart and was determined to get it as soon as it went on sale, because with its design language and technical specifications. This charging stand is worthy of being the best wireless charging stand currently on the market.

1. Smart, sophisticated and neat design

anker maggo foldable 3in1 unboxing 1

MagGo Foldable Qi2 has a minimalist but smart design language and is capable of meeting all the usage needs of an all-Apple user like me. In the folded state it is compact with parameters Length x Width x Height of 8.9 x 6 x 2.5 cm respectively. This size makes it easy for me to store and carry it with me on every business or travel trip.

Although square, thanks to the rounded edges, the feeling of holding the charging dock in your hand is very friendly and comfortable. Previously, I had planned to buy this Anker Cube charger, but fortunately before I could buy it, Anker launched this MagGo Foldable Qi2, my true love for at least 2 more years.

anker maggo foldable 3in1 unboxing 2

The top of the MagGo Foldable Qi2 is the charging area for iPhones or Qi2-enabled phones. The magnetic suction area is subtly raised. This floating area will make the phone easier to inhale and also help the phone dissipate heat better. If you buy this charging stand, you will not only be able to quickly charge your iPhone at a speed equivalent to Magsafe, but you can also use it to quickly charge future Android phones that support Qi2.

The iPhone charging base connects to the bottom base with a sturdy metal mount that is plated with shiny chrome. This detail is simple but is done very well by Anker. When erected, it helps hold the charging iPhone in a stable and standing position, and the folding and opening operation is also very smooth and gentle. 

The top of the base is the area used to charge the AirPods headphones and the heat sink holes. This charging area is a regular Qi wireless charger so users can use it to charge any wireless headset. 

The 4 corners of the bottom surface are attached with 4 rubber balls to help increase the grip of the charging base during use. These rubber balls are thick and beautifully finished. Also on the underside we also see the Apple Watch charging dock, which is subtly hidden by folding it upside down.

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anker maggo foldable 3in1 unboxing 4
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The power supply port is located on the right side of the charging dock, the port is USB-C standard. In the box of the MagGo Foldable Qi2 charging dock, a 40W power supply is included, enough to meet the maximum wireless charging capacity for all iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods charging docks.

The charger comes with a USB-C to USB-C L-head cable. This detail, although small, has contributed a large part to making me appreciate Anker. This L-head USB-C cable will help users power the MagGo Foldable Qi2 charging dock in a very neat and sophisticated way.

anker maggo foldable 3in1 unboxing 8

2. Real-life experience, love and hate

anker maggo foldable 3in1 unboxing 9

My actual experience from the first time I used it was that this charging dock was so delicious. Not only is the design beautiful, but the UX is also very good. When you need to use any charging area, you can operate it easily.

anker maggo foldable 3in1 unboxing 10

The normal Apple Watch charging area is folded upside down and hidden at the bottom, the distances are also calculated in great detail so that during normal use this detail will not be damaged.

The heat dissipation system is densely finished but still very beautiful, ensuring heat dissipation efficiency while still maintaining aesthetics. The Apple Watch charging dock on the MagGo Foldable Qi2 is a fast charger.

anker maggo foldable 3in1 unboxing 11

Actual measurements show that MagGo Foldable Qi2 wirelessly charges all iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods devices with fast charging. The iPhone goes from 0% to 50% battery in just about 30 minutes, my Apple Watch Ultra 1 goes from 0% to 75% in about 30 minutes, and I don’t measure charging the AirPods Pro headphones.

During the charging process, the charging dock does not overheat due to the smart design of the heat dissipation hole system both above and below.

With this dense heat release system, hot air streams are easily released from the charging base. In actual use during the charging process, the MagGo Foldable Qi2 charging dock is only slightly warm but never overheats. The price of this charging dock is about $110 in the US. If you need to buy, you can find American purchasing services.

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