July 19, 2024

JBL Soundgear Frames music glasses review

Music glasses are no longer a completely new product or appearing for the first time, many audio companies have entered this market such as Bose or Anker. And the latest representative to join the game is JBL Soundgear Frames , an American audio company famous for its portable Bluetooth speakers and headphones with vibrant sound quality.

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JBL Soundgear Frames music glasses are currently officially distributed in Vietnam by Phuc Giang Company Limited and will be available for sale from June 14, 2024. Customers will have a total of 6 style options from 2 frame styles (Round/Square) and 3 colors: Onyx (Onyx black), Pearl (Pearl white) and Amber (Amber yellow).

Fashionable design, full of technology

Right from the appearance, JBL Soundgear Frames impresses with its modern and fashionable style. At first glance, you will hardly realize that this is a pair of glasses that can listen to music, with a built-in speaker thanks to the completely slim frame design, equivalent to regular sunglasses and short-sighted glasses. .

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Only when looking closely, Soundgear Frames is revealed to be a technology-filled glass when the compact part is made transparent, “showing off” all the internal components arranged very neatly and neatly. You can see details of each chip on the circuit board, cables, speaker chamber area, USB-C charging port or even the battery on each eyeglass frame. This is a detail I especially love in the design of Soundgear Frames, showing that JBL is indeed targeting technology enthusiasts.

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The glasses frame is made from flexible thermoplastic material, fits comfortably and securely around the ear, providing a light, comfortable feeling. I tried wearing these glasses all day and did not feel uncomfortable at all. The glass surface is scratch-resistant and anti-UV A/B rays, protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of sunlight when you listen to music, sunbathe on the beach or walk or drive outdoors. With elegant design, JBL Soundgear Frames easily coordinate with many different fashion styles, from dynamic to elegant.

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The interesting point is that the default lenses of Soundgear Frames are sunglasses, but you can completely change them to close-up lenses or lenses that automatically change color according to light for daily wear. Besides, the product also meets diverse user experiences, from walking on the street or at the beach thanks to the integrated IP54 water and dust resistance. You can safely use Soundgear Frames in light rain or near swimming pools or beaches without worrying about water vapor affecting the glasses.

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To meet a variety of needs, JBL Soundgear Frames have up to 3 diverse color options including Onyx (Onyx black), Pearl (Pearl white) and Amber (Amber yellow), along with 2 square frame styles. and round, providing flexibility for users when they want to change their daily style.

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Included in the box of Soundgear Frames, JBL also provides a specialized leather case for glasses so you can easily carry these glasses anytime, anywhere or store them when not in use. Personally, I find the leather case not very eye-catching, the leather material is not processed very sophisticatedly, a bit less luxurious. In addition, JBL does not provide any glasses cleaning cloth, so you will have to equip it yourself.

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Light, acoustic

JBL Soundgear Frames feature JBL’s exclusive OpenSound open sound technology cleverly integrated into the frame, promising to bring an immersive sound experience to the ear, and allowing users to perceive surrounding noise, ensuring ensure safety while traveling.

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Each frame cleverly conceals JBL’s unique ultra-thin 25mm*9mm rectangular speaker chamber with a three-layer speaker membrane, with a special algorithm to enhance bass and handle frequency division. The speaker on the frame of the glasses will point straight into your ear canal and transmit sound through the air.

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In fact, my experience shows that the sound of Soundgear Frames will lean towards treble and mid, while the bass will be significantly lacking. The sound will also be a bit shallow and thin. Sound quality and volume will depend heavily on how you fine-tune the position of the glasses. The closer you put the speaker on your glasses frame to your ear canal or earlobe, the louder, clearer and better the sound will be. So, try adjusting the position of the glasses a bit to get the most optimal sound.

Similar to JBL’s headphone lines, Soundgear Frames also supports the JBL Headphones application on the phone to view battery life, adjust EQ sound effects or customize touch functions, fine-tune settings for glasses. . Users can choose between 6 pre-set EQ modes or choose completely on their own with 10 customizable bands to manually adjust highs, mids and lows, personalize to taste and enhance slightly. sound quality.

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In general, Soundgear Frames will be more suitable for gentle songs, focusing on the singer’s voice, acoustic with rustic instruments such as guitar, piano or instrumental music in the form of gentle chill chill.

If you are a bass head and love the bass-filled sound of vibrant music, you will need to look for other JBL solutions such as Bluetooth speaker headphones. This is also understandable because the frame of Soundgear Frames is thin and compact, making it difficult to place in a powerful enough speaker chamber. Most music glasses that focus on sound today require thicker frames.

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One thing to note is that the default volume of Soundgear Frames is a bit low, usually I will have to set it at around 80-100% to be able to hear it clearly. At this time, if the room is quiet, the person next to you can also hear the sound coming from the glass.

I also tried wearing Soundgear Frames while wearing a ¾ helmet and found that the sound quality was much better, perhaps because the frames were pressed tightly against the ear lobes and the space in the helmet was also completely sealed, helping the sound to converge well. Moreover, it does not dissipate into the environment. However, at this time it will be a bit bulky because Soundgear Frames’ frames are still bigger than the frames I usually wear.

Call voltage stabilizer

An interesting point is that Soundgear Frames is equipped with a system of 2 microphones on one frame with beamforming recording technology, combined with environmental noise cancellation technology, helping users to make clear, clear voice calls immediately. even in noisy environments. Indeed, the voice calling ability of Soundgear Frames is quite stable, helping me make convenient hands-free calling with good quality.

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If you are a nearsighted person and have to regularly wear glasses, wearing Soundgear Frames to replace regular glasses to always be ready to listen to music and make phone calls is really useful.

The music transmission ability of Soundgear Frames is also completely stable thanks to the built-in Bluetooth 5.2 connection, long distance, can keep the phone about 5 – 6 meters away, through 2 layers of walls still fine.

The battery can comfortably last all day, with fast

The battery life of Soundgear Frames as announced by JBL is up to 8 hours of continuous use, allowing users to comfortably listen to music, receive work calls, or entertain all day long. The product also supports fast charging, with just 10 minutes of charging, users will have another 2 hours of use. When the battery is depleted, it will take about 2 hours to fully charge.

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During the experience, I could listen to music continuously for about 7 and a half to a little more than 8 hours, depending on the volume level used, quite comfortably and rarely had to recharge midway.

Soundgear Frames is equipped with 2 USB Type-C charging ports on each side of the glasses frame, according to JBL to help distribute heat evenly when charging, without overheating the glasses. In the product box, there is also a USB Type-C charging cable with a Y-shaped design with 2 USB-C outputs, allowing the ability to charge both glasses frames at the same time and balance the 2 battery blocks placed in each frame.

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The product does not have an open power button and uses an automatic on-off mechanism. Users just need to open the glasses and the device will automatically turn on and fold the glasses and it will turn off automatically, quite nice and convenient, suitable for normal glasses use.

The JBL logo on the glasses frame is also a touch control button, allowing users to customize the volume, control music playback, skip tracks, receive or reject calls flexibly with touch operations. When I use it, I find that this touch operation is not very sensitive. Sometimes I get confused between a single tap or a double tap. If only JBL allowed swiping up and down or front and back to increase or decrease the volume, I think it would be more intuitive.

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In its first entry into the music glasses market, JBL made a good impression with Soundgear Frames when it brought a fashionable, technologically rich product. JBL’s music glasses appear to be suitable for both men and women with a variety of options in color, style, and the ability to conveniently change from glasses to glasses or sunglasses.

Sound quality is probably where Soundgear Frames will have to improve even more. Currently, these glasses only do the best job of calling, but listening to music is really not that good, especially when you need to listen to exciting music genres. I believe that JBL can completely fix it soon because they have many years of experience in creating energetic sound quality on their speaker or headphone products.

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