July 19, 2024

Samsung Neo QLED QN90D review: Samsung’s high-end 4K TV

Neo QLED QN90D is Samsung’s high-end 4K TV in 2024. This is an upgrade of last year’s Neo QLED QN90C, which is considered a comprehensive TV for most usage needs. Compared to its predecessor, the QN90D inherits almost all basic elements and is upgraded with a new image processor that supports more AI functions. In addition, this year’s QN90D series is expanded in size to 98 inches for the first time.

The QN90D is currently sold in 6 size options including 50, 55, 65, 75, 85 and 98 inches. In the early stages of sale, retail systems are offering many incentives for the QN90D, so the actual purchase price will be significantly better than the announced price.

Design: very thin bezels, flat back, convenient for wall mounting.

In terms of design, the QN90D is no different from last year’s QN90C. This is a TV with a thin bezel design on all 4 sides, the bezel width is only 9mm. When looking at the TV at a normal viewing distance, the TV feels almost borderless, especially with large models of 65 inches or more.

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The TV has thin bezels on all four sides, only 9mm

The thickness of the TV is also quite thin, about 27mm. In particular, the back is designed flat, without a thicker base to hold the circuit board like many other LCD TVs, so it is convenient for wall mounting. In addition, on the back, the company also arranged the area containing the connection ports towards the outer edge, making it easier to plug in the connection ports when hanging the TV on the wall. This TV can also be mounted on any popular VESA mount or Samsung’s Slim Fit wall mount.

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The TV body is also quite thin and the back is flat, convenient for hanging close to the wall .

The TV stand is an octagonal metal plate attached to the back of the TV with a sturdy plastic collar. The stand raises the TV to a height of about 7.5cm above the table, enough to place most soundbars in front of the TV without blocking the screen. When mounted on a TV, the stand looks neat, doesn’t take up much space but is more susceptible to shaking than TVs using two traditional stands.

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The octagonal base is attached to the TV with a sturdy plastic neck, high enough to place the soundbar speaker without obscuring the TV screen .

The QN90D comes with a remote control that uses Samsung’s familiar solar cell technology. This is a remote control that uses light and radio waves to charge the internal battery. Additionally, the remote has a built-in USB-C charging port for emergency charging, and the remote’s battery level can be monitored in the TV’s settings menu.

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Samsung solar-charged TV control

As a high-end product, the QN90D has a full range of modern connection ports including 4 HDMI 2.1 ports supporting 4K image output with 120Hz/144Hz refresh rate, 1 HDMI ARC/eARC port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, cable port optical high quality audio transmission, RF port and LAN port.

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The connection ports are designed towards the edge for ease of plugging in when wall

Image quality: high peak brightness, good viewing of many types of content

Last year, the QN90C series used a combination of two types of VA and ADS panels (a form of IPS panel) depending on size, of which the small versions 43 inches and 50 inches use VA panels, while large sizes from 55 inches and above use ADS panels.

This year, the QN90D still uses a combination of VA and IPS panels depending on size but there are changes. According to displayspecifications.com, which specializes in reporting on TV specifications, the 55, 65, 75 and 85 inch QN90D models use ADS panels, while the 43, 50 and 98 inch sizes use VA panels. In terms of technology, comparing the two types of panels, ADS often has an advantage over VA in terms of color range, viewing angle and moving image display efficiency, but the contrast is not equal.

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QN90D uses a Mini-LED backlight system with many times the number of backlights and local dimming zones than conventional LED TVs .

In addition to the difference in panel type, models in the QN90D series are all equipped with a Mini-LED backlight system and quantum dot layer like their predecessors. These are the two most important technologies that make a difference in the image of TVs, especially Mini-LED which is currently mainly used on high-end TVs. Unlike conventional LED TVs, the QN90D has a much larger number of backlights and local dimming areas than conventional LED TVs, thereby improving brightness, black depth and image contrast.

In actual use, I find the QN90D can meet daily needs well from watching HDR movies, regular television content, sports and gaming. In particular, the TV displays very bright brightness, more than 2,000 nits as announced by Samsung. The room where I installed the TV has a window that shines directly onto the TV, but when viewed during the day there is still no reflection. Before that, I used some other TV models in the mid-range segment and all had quite annoying reflections. When watching during the day, I could see the blurry window frame inside the TV.

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QN90D can watch many types of content

Thanks to its high brightness peak and good anti-glare effect, the QN90D satisfies the needs of watching television and sports content during the day or watching in rooms with lots of light. This TV also has quite a wide viewing angle. Therefore, you can watch football or tennis matches with a group of friends or relatives without worrying about finding the optimal viewing position. Moving images are also handled smoothly.

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The TV has a fairly wide viewing angle, the color and brightness do not change much when viewed at an angle .

Mini-LED backlighting with a large number of local dimming zones allows the TV to effectively control light, creating high contrast and very deep blacks. Therefore, the QN90D is also a TV that can watch HDR movies very well in a dark room. The details between dark and bright scenes are very separate, clear and do not see any haloing (blooming). Meanwhile, colors are reproduced naturally brilliantly and vividly.

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The QN90D features AI

The new NQ4 AI Gen2 image processor on the QN90D upgrades low-resolution content to sharp 4K resolution. Text appears clear and easy to read, images are rich in detail. This new image processor also brings the Real Depth Enhancer Pro feature inherited from the more advanced 8K line. The TV uses AI to control mini-LED lights and bring some of the details that the human eye focuses most on to the foreground, making the frame more vivid and multi-dimensional.

Everything needed for gaming experience

Regarding gaming experience, the QN90D is still similar to last year’s generation, with all the equipment to provide a top gaming experience. The TV has 4 HDMI 2.1 ports that support 4K/120Hz output when connected to a handheld game console (console) and up to 144Hz when connected to a computer along with a full range of other technologies such as ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode). ), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro anti-tearing technology.

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The QN90D has everything you need to deliver a top

When connected to a console or PC, you can customize many settings related to your performance and visual experience in the new Game Bar 4.0 interface. A separate interface for gaming experience on TV is a common feature on high-segment TVs today. But Samsung TVs have their own advantages. From Game Bar 4.0, you can monitor frame rate status, VRR and HDR along with many other game-related customizations such as automatic game genre recognition and automatic map detection.

Furthermore, the QN90D has super low input lag (about 6ms) in gaming mode, fast response speed, and bright screen. New generation games that support HDR today all display beautifully on the QN90D.

Sound: 4.2.2 speaker with 60W capacity, many AI features

Sound is also an aspect of this year’s QN90D that has not changed compared to last year. The TV still uses a 4.2.2 speaker system with a capacity of 60W, supports Dolby Atmos and integrates AI technology such as OTS + (reproducing sound that moves according to objects on the frame), Active Voice Amplifier (increasing the reproduction of voice). ), Adaptive Sound Pro (increases voice clarity).

Practical experience shows that the sound quality is well balanced, dialogue is clear and easy to hear. The volume is quite loud and does not crackle when increased to a high level. However, like most other TVs, the QN90D’s bass range is relatively faint. But don’t worry about the bass range problem because I see that many places selling the QD90D come with Samsung soundbars to bring more booming sound quality to the TV.

Software: voice control

QN90D uses the Tizen smart TV operating system like all Samsung TVs. The Tizen platform has many features and supports all major international streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+, Twitch, YouTube or VieOn, FPT Play, MyTV, Galaxy Play, TV360, VTVcab On, VTVgo…

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The TV integrates many popular

The platform also supports Apple AirPlay for streaming content from an iPad, iPhone or Mac and Miracast/WiDi for connecting Windows computers. The voice command function via the Bixby assistant from the microphone on the remote control also supports when using YouTube, making it very convenient to search for content.

In summary, the QN90D is a high-end 4K TV that satisfies most usage needs from watching television, sports, movies to playing games in both bright and dark room environments thanks to all the necessary qualities such as high brightness peak. , deep contrast, wide color range, effective local dark area management, effective anti-glare and strong performance.

In addition, this TV line also has many sizes to choose from, from medium 50 inches to super large 98 inches. However, the problem with the QN90D is that the price is currently much more expensive than the old generation QN90C, a TV model that is still highly appreciated for its quality.

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