July 19, 2024

Samsung Galaxy M55 5G VS Xiaomi 13T

Samsung Galaxy M55 5G is a mid-range smartphone model that was quietly launched recently. This phone is attracting a lot of attention because it has a sophisticated design, good configuration, stable camera and super battery capacity. And in the price range of the Galaxy M55 5G, Xiaomi 13T is also a notable name in the segment because of its comprehensiveness in all aspects, even though it has been released for a while, its hotness is no less. Rookie Galaxy M55 5G has just launched.

So if you put both of these devices on the scale, which would be the most versatile phone in the segment?.

samsung galaxy m55 5g vs xiaomi 13t 1

Compare Galaxy M55 5G and Xiaomi 13T 

Both designs have unique features, but the Xiaomi 13T is more premium

The design of both products has its own characteristics, suitable for each person’s taste. Galaxy M55 5G will carry Samsung’s signature design recently with a back made of glossy plastic, a gentle, attractive gradient color change effect and a set of 3 cameras placed vertically in the corner, giving the Galaxy M55 5G has a simple but sophisticated and sleek design.

Looking at the rival Xiaomi 13T, the device has a back made from glass or biological leather that looks much more premium than the plastic back of the Galaxy M55 5G. Xiaomi 13T’s camera with 3 lenses arranged in a square cluster with the words Leica prominently.

The frames of both devices are made of plastic, making the reception of both devices better. Xiaomi 13T will have another big advantage: the device will be equipped with IP68 water and dust resistance standards, so you don’t have to worry about using the device in dusty environments or in the rain anymore.

samsung galaxy m55 5g vs xiaomi 13t 2

Design of Xiaomi 13T

In terms of overall design, Xiaomi 13T will almost make users more satisfied with a luxurious design, exuding a premium look with 2 genuine glass or bio-leather back options.

The camera cluster is extremely rugged and durable with IP68 to help users feel more secure when using. Although the Galaxy M55 5G has a seemingly simple design, not as aggressive as Xiaomi, it is suitable for more users and has higher brand recognition and is lighter to hold in the hand. softer.

Xiaomi 13T’s screen has many impressive technologies in its segment

Galaxy M55 5G and Xiaomi 13T both have quite impressive screen parameters in their segment. Xiaomi 13T will have a screen size of 6.67″ 1.5K, AMOLED panel with high refresh rate of 120Hz. Galaxy M55 5G is no less competitive when equipped with a screen size of 6.7″ FullHD +, Samsung’s famous Super AMOLED panel. with super high scanning frequency of 144Hz.

Xiaomi 13T will have a screen brightness of up to 2600nits, much higher than the 1000nits on the Galaxy M55 5G, helping users to clearly see the content displayed on the screen. The brightness of the Galaxy M55 5G can also clearly see outdoor display content with Vision Booster technology. 

samsung galaxy m55 5g vs xiaomi 13t 3

Screen of Galaxy M55 5G

The screen display experience on both devices produces good quality, bright colors, and sharp details. Galaxy M55 5G will actually produce better display quality when watching movies and entertainment with more vibrant colors, which is a strong point on devices equipped with Samsung’s Super AMOLED panels.

But despite being slightly better in display quality, the Xiaomi 13T has a significantly thinner screen border, making the device look more aesthetic and sexy than the slightly thicker border on the Galaxy M55 5G. The display quality of Xiaomi 13T is also quite good when equipped with many excellent screen technologies with 1.5K resolution, HDR10+, Dolby Vision,… Promising to bring you an eye-catching screen experience on Xiaomi 13T. .

The configuration of the Galaxy M55 5G is also good, but still not comparable to the Xiaomi 13T

This year Samsung seems to have listened to users more when deciding to equip the Galaxy M55 5G with Dragon chips instead of “homegrown” Exynos chips. Specifically, the Galaxy M55 5G will be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chip, which was launched in early 2023 and manufactured on a 4nm process with the highest speed of 2.4GHz.

This chip up to now can still handle tasks from basic to gaming tasks with reasonable settings. The device will have 8/12GB Ram and 128/256GB Rom to freely multitask and store everything. Not only that, the Galaxy M55 5G will have a longer software update support period with 4 major Android updates and 5 years of security updates.

samsung galaxy m55 5g vs xiaomi 13t 4

Configuration of Xiaomi 13T and Galaxy M55 5G

As for Xiaomi 13T, the device will be equipped with the super powerful Dimensity 8200 Ultra 5G chip in the segment. This is a chip from Mediatek manufactured on a 4nm process with the highest processing speed of up to 3.1GHz. The device has 8/12GB Ram and 256GB large memory capacity with UFS 3.1 standard.

With such configuration, Xiaomi 13T can completely handle light basic tasks to heavy tasks such as playing PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact ,… with reasonable graphics levels. The device responds very well and the temperature when playing games is not too hot. Xiaomi 13T will run Android 13 on the MIUI14 interface and can be updated to HyperOS interface with a series of new improvements. 

samsung galaxy m55 5g vs xiaomi 13t 5

Performance of Xiaomi 13T

Summary of configuration. If you just need a device with sufficient performance, meeting basic needs as well as light entertainment and long-term support, the Galaxy M55 5G will be quite suitable.

However, if you also need a device that perfectly meets basic needs, but still has good performance to play games from light to heavy, the Xiaomi 13T will be a more reasonable choice. . 

Camera combined with Leica makes Xiaomi 13T like “A tiger with wings”

It must be said that Xiaomi has really been quite generous when equipping a genuine camera system combined with the famous Leica camera brand on the Xiaomi 13T. The main camera has 50MP OIS resolution with 24mm focal length, 2x 50MP telephoto camera with 50mm focal length and 12MP super wide-angle camera with 15mm focal length.

Xiaomi 13T is also equipped with Leica’s exclusive color filters and two main color filter modes: Leica True and Leica Vivid. Galaxy M55 5G with 3 rear cameras has a 50MP OIS main sensor, 8MP super wide-angle camera and 2MP macro camera. The selfie camera of the Galaxy M55 5G has a super resolution of 50MP, significantly larger than the Xiaomi 13T with 20MP.

samsung galaxy m55 5g vs xiaomi 13t 6

Camera of Xiaomi 13T

The image quality of Xiaomi 13T will definitely not disappoint you. With huge camera parameters, combined with Leica, it produces photos with high detail and well-reproduced colors. The ability to take portraits with the telephoto camera is also extremely impressive.

The Galaxy M55 5G is no less competitive as the image quality from the trio of cameras is quite beautiful with vibrant colors, good HDR processing capabilities, and high detail. The selfie camera is also a strong point of the Galaxy M55 5G, producing super sharp selfie photos. In general, if you are looking for a phone model with an optimal camera system and impressive photo quality, the Xiaomi 13T is the “true love” that you should consider.

The battery capacity is the same, but the charging capacity is the same as the Galaxy M55 5G

Both the Galaxy M55 5G and Xiaomi 13T have a fairly large battery capacity of 5000mAh, which can satisfy you enough to use all day long without worrying about running out of battery.

However, the difference lies between the charging capacity of these two models. While Samsung has favored upgrading the charging capacity for the Galaxy M55 5G up to 45W, that number still cannot compare to the Xiaomi 13T with a capacity of up to 67W.

samsung galaxy m55 5g vs xiaomi 13t 7

Xiaomi 13T charger 

With such fast charging capacity, you can completely recharge your device without having to wait too long. According to Xiaomi’s announcement, Xiaomi 13T can charge from 0-100% in just 42 minutes under ideal conditions.

Xiaomi is also very kind to users by including a fast charger inside the box when purchasing the device, instead of just having a C to C charging cord and an “environmental protection” box for the Galaxy M55 5G.   

Parameter comparison table between Samsung Galaxy M55 5G and Xiaomi 13T 

Galaxy M55 5GXiaomi 13T 
Weight and thickness180g – 7.8mm197g (glass back), 193g (leather back) – 8.5mm
Screen6.7″ FHD+ Super AMOLED 120Hz6.67″ 1.5K AMOLED 144Hz
ConfigurationQualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 (4nm)Mediatek Dimensity 8200 Ultra (4nm)
Ram & Rom12/256GB12/256GB
Rear camera50MP+50MP+8MP50MP+8MP+2MP
Front camera50MP20MP
Battery and charger 5000mAh, 45W fast charging5000mAh, 67W fast charging


There really is no need to say too much when Xiaomi 13T is almost more perfect in every factor than Samsung Galaxy M55 5G.

From the premium glass or leather back design, the AMOLED screen with ultra-thin bezels, the configuration that satisfies tasks from light to heavy, the quality Leica camera system and the ability to charge quickly help Xiaomi 13T become a model.

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