July 19, 2024

Apple iOS 18 dev beta experience and review

iOS 18 dev beta has been out for nearly a month now, and there are mixed opinions about the new features, especially Apple Intelligence.

Because Apple has not yet officially released Apple Intelligence, in this article I will talk in detail about the features and changes available on the latest iOS 18 dev beta 2.

apple ios 18 dev beta experience and review 1

Of course, this is a test version for developers, so you will not be able to expect it to operate as smoothly and properly as the official version. In fact, when I experience it now, I see that it has a lot of errors and still runs laggy. Currently I am using iPhone 15 Pro to test iOS 18 beta.

The interface is increasingly confusing like Android

Interface and settings on iOS 18

First, I want to talk about the interface. I find the interface of iOS 18 more complicated, like previous Android versions. The default settings and more advanced features don’t really bring much value to users, but are only for demonstration purposes.

apple ios 18 dev beta experience and review 2

The strength of the settings app on iOS 18 is that they collect all the app settings in one place instead of spreading it out like before. But on the contrary, iOS settings started to become more confusing because there were too many other small items in one section, which made it take a lot of time to find the correct one every time I needed to edit something in the settings. Exactly the item you want to edit.

What to change icon color for?

You also know that Apple currently allows us to change the color of the icon and arrange it in any position on the menu screen, but that does not bring any value and only makes the iOS operating system 18 is more like Android. I changed the icon color for half a day to introduce the feature to you guys and then left it at default.

apple ios 18 dev beta experience and review 3

Control Center is not friendly anymore

Next about the control center, I feel like Apple is trying to do something to show users that the new iOS has many changes without really focusing on whether those changes will help users. use or not. It took me a lot of time to adjust and get used to the new interface of the control center, which I have used a lot over the past years.

I really don’t understand why they divide the pages in the control center for when I’m a long-time iPhone user and I don’t have that need.

apple ios 18 dev beta experience and review 4

Is Scientific Calculator on a phone necessary?

Even if Apple equips the iOS calculator application with more complex calculation methods, I don’t use it and if I need more complex calculations, I will always choose a handheld calculator instead of opening my iPhone.

Look for the science icon in the calculator app. Maybe on iPadOS , this feature will be useful, because it is a device for studying and working, but on the iPhone, I find it unnecessary.

apple ios 18 dev beta experience and review 5

Photos app: more difficult to use

Regarding the Photos app, anyone who goes to it will see that it is much more confusing than iOS 17. Albums are now placed below all of your photos instead of being divided into tabs like before. What problem does it lead to? You have to get used to searching for your images again.

That habit has been formed for a long time, so when you get used to it again, you will encounter many problems that affect your emotions when using a phone. It’s easy to get frustrated. 😁 .

Previously, if you wanted to find the recent photos folder, just click through the album and select “recent” but now you have to click on the two arrows icon to choose the arrangement again. . This operation took me a lot of time to get used to and even now it is still very cumbersome.

apple ios 18 dev beta experience and review 6

Recall last year’s more complicated AirDrop feature

The fact that iOS is getting more and more confusing has appeared on iOS 17. You can see that the Airdrop feature has been developed with a new operation of using two iPhones to touch each other.

So in the end is it Air or not? These features that I mentioned above initially gave me a feeling of excitement and excitement when experiencing it, but after about a week or two, I realized that I don’t use it too much and when I need to use it It’s too complicated to choose the right one.

I often use the search bar in Apple’s default applications, but now when I search, it pops up too many items and I have to reshape it to see which item is correct.

apple ios 18 dev beta experience and review 7

Valuable things on iOS 18

Password application

Enough criticism, now it’s time to praise. I actually really like the new Password app on iOS 18 because it helps me manage passwords better instead of having to go into settings and find the correct “Password” section or install a third-party password management app.

I’ve always been looking forward to an Apple password app so far because I don’t really like using third-party apps to manage passwords, of course it won’t work as well as Apple’s default password manager. .

apple ios 18 dev beta experience and review 8

Change shortcuts outside the lock screen

The next useful thing is that you can change the features outside the lock screen instead of packing the camera and flashlight like before.

I see that many people have removed the camera function because on the lock screen they can swipe to the left to access the camera.

apple ios 18 dev beta experience and review 9

So now you can remove the camera icon on the right to replace it with a feature that you often use, for example activating ChatGPT, Google applications or simply a shortcut to turn on the device.

Fast calculation, I see that many of my friends are traders, they really need a shortcut to quickly open computer applications, but before now they could only unlock their devices and find computer applications.

iPhone Mirroring: the newest feature on iOS 18

The third thing I find interesting is the new screen sharing feature from iPhone to Mac , this is the most valuable thing. I saw that when it first came out, many people criticized it because it was similar to a previous Huawei feature. But actual experience brings more value to users than you think.

The first thing you may think of is that you can drag and drop images from iPhone to Mac and vice versa. Or you can access applications that the Mac cannot run from the iPhone and the operation process takes place immediately without having to go find the iPhone and open it to find that application.

This feature is currently not working stably on iOS 18 beta 2, sometimes it connects, sometimes it doesn’t, and I have a situation where I can’t use the MacBook’s keyboard to reply to a message. On the iPhone application, I currently see that many people do not have this error like me.

apple ios 18 dev beta experience and review 10

Battery life: the most important thing to pay attention to when using beta

Battery life is what I see people care about the most when deciding whether to upgrade to the new iOS. Currently, in the latest beta version of iOS 18, I don’t see much difference in battery life, it even drops faster while I use new features. The iPhone I am using is iPhone 15 Pro.

This is understandable because this is just a test version of new features so developers can give feedback to Apple so they can improve in the next software versions.


In conclusion, if you don’t have many stressful needs on the iPhone, you can go up and try it out, but if the iPhone is your main working tool, you shouldn’t go up because as I said, it still works. unstable.

Every time a new iOS is released, there are many mixed opinions, but this time I admit that those mixed opinions are well-founded. iOS has become much more confusing, different from Apple’s previous software release orientation. is simple and has many uses. If you have any other problems, you can comment below for others to refer to.

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