April 15, 2024

Experience a few hours of test driving with the PEUGEOT 5008 2024 late 2022 version

First, I would like to tell everyone that this is just a quick sharing post, taking pictures of some basic features and feelings about the PEUGEOT 5008 from the perspective of a car buyer, I am not knowledgeable or in-depth review . But because I’m about to change my car, I stopped by for a test drive today and quickly shared and took photos so that those who want to buy can have an overview before going to test drive the car.

About PEUGEOT, it is so old and almost everyone who loves cars knows it, a very popular brand from France with many European standards. People choose to buy after a test drive. The one I’m looking at today is the most advanced version of the PEUGEOT 5008 GT with a design from late 2022.

The 5008 GT 2022 model has a design that in my opinion is not too big or aggressive but still has quite a sporty look, the lines shown on the front look eye-catching. The rear design also has a sporty, clawed, but gentle feel. The rear light cluster is full LED technology, protected by a fairly thick layer of glass, shaped like a lion’s claws. 6 rear collision sensors, and 6 front collision sensors. Overall, the 5008 is for a slightly older age group, like me, for example, 44 years old.

19-inch wheels for the GT and 18-inch wheels for the Premium made of aluminum alloy. The step bar is sturdy, making it more convenient for children or the elderly. For me, I don’t need it. I feel like the distance between the road surface is a bit low so I’m a bit worried if the car goes up high ledges. The inside of the 5008 is designed with a bit of a design for those who love technology, simulating like sitting at the wheel of an airplane. . The small, angled steering wheel is quite strange. It can be driven by men or women, but it is more suitable for women. 

The seats are covered with high-quality leather and have a massage feature, even the braces inside the car are also high-quality leather. Top and bottom air conditioners with fast cooling system, front and rear, and the company’s own air filtration technology. Sunroof, full of basic standards for a modern car. A combination of many buttons to fine-tune features that look like keyboard keys. I also really like the electronic gear lever that moves up and down easily, as well as having Always shift gears at the steering wheel. 

This car model also has 5 different driving modes (normal road, gravel, desert, anti-slip, etc.) The water cooler compartment is quite large, I will experience it later when I buy the car . The information will be 12.3 inches, on the other side is a 10-inch central control and entertainment touch screen, supporting Carplay connection of iPhone and Android. What I don’t feel is very good is that the resolution on the center console screen is not very good, maybe I’m used to seeing high-end cars…

This is a 5+2 car, in return for the spacious comfort of the middle row, there will be two seats in the back for small people. Depending on usage needs, if traveling with 5 people, two seats can lie down, leaving an extremely large luggage compartment for long trips. If there are 7 people traveling, there won’t be much room for luggage, and if the 2 people sitting in the back go a few hundred kilometers away, they will be uncomfortable. The last two seats can also be removed to sit when going on a picnic.

I only test drove it in the city so I haven’t felt much yet. After I buy the car, I will record a video and make a more detailed article. When selecting sport mode, it accelerates quite quickly on empty roads. Due to the use of double-layer soundproof glass, the noise level is reduced quite well, however I still feel a little noise from the chassis, because I used to Driving high-end cars, I think when driving to the West or on rough roads, I will feel and share later. Because the design is not too long, when driving in the city it is quite flexible and gives me the feeling that it is very easy to keep an eye on the car on all 4 sides when cornering. In short, these are my quick images and feelings after watching and testing for a few laps.

I still need more time and travel long distances to experience more depth and detail. There are 10 high-quality Focal speakers. The level is only available in the GT version. I heard it and it’s quite good. Especially at high volume, the car doesn’t vibrate like other models in the same segment. I have placed a deposit on the car and am waiting to pick it up from the factory. I hope that when I bring it back and drive around for a while, I will be able to share more in-depth. Hopefully, a few pictures will help those who want to learn more about this line. 

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