Why is the computer slow to catch wifi and how to fix it?

Poor wifi connection is a common problem faced by many users today. That's why you can't access the network to solve work, it's quite annoying, isn't it? So why does this situation happen and how to fix it, readers can refer to the article below. 

1. The reason why the computer is slow to catch wifi

Due to the network 

The laptop catches wifi flickering, it may be from your home wifi network or maybe the wifi network is being shared too much (many people use it) leading to overload so the laptop computer catches wifi poorly.

Because the package for using the home Internet network you are using may be average and limited in capacity, it may cause a weak wifi connection or the network operator encounters a transmission problem.

Due to your device

Laptop wifi connection is intermittent but it comes from the modem that has not been used at the highest speed

If the laptop you are using is slowing down due to an increasing amount of crap or you often surf the web, then the cookies stored in the browser are also a factor that creates a large amount of crap. slow computer laptop wifi connection slow. Therefore, you should regularly clear cookies in your computer's browser

Maybe you are interested!

The reason why your computer catches wifi flickering is because you are using many applications as well as software that are allowed to access the network. You should remove or uninstall the applications you do not need to use

Besides, to be able to avoid the situation where the laptop computer catches wifi flickering, you should check the modem system, route, access point, .... to make sure these devices are working properly.

2. How to fix slow wifi connection computer

Restart the wifi router

Sometimes wifi is overloaded due to too many people using it at the same time, so what you need to do now is to restart the wifi router to be able to release the IP stored in the modem's cache.

At the same time, after a long period of use, the router will heat up and can greatly affect the quality of the emitted electromagnetic waves, leading to the network connections becoming less stable than before. you head. Then you should give the Router a little rest by turning off the power to power for about 30s -1 minute and then turning it back on, you will see that the situation of wifi reception will be much improved.

Find a more suitable location for another router

When installing an Internet supply system, most technical staff often leave quite a few wires for you to customize the location to use for the most convenience.

However, there will be criteria to ensure the quality of wifi waves such as: do not place next to metal objects, place it as high as possible and between the device and the router will have to ensure one thing that as few obstacles as possible. Especially pay attention to household appliances with large magnetic fields such as refrigerators, televisions, microwave ovens, etc., because they may cause interference that affects poor network transmission quality.

Switch back to the nearby wifi mode to fix the error of catching wifi intermittently

If you are using home wifi that is very close to the wifi transmitter but it is interfered with by the wall or the wall of the house, then try this method to see if it works.

Go to Wlan settings and then select in Advanced -> then Mode -> 802.11g instead of 802.11b/g/n.

After the setup is complete, click Apply and reset the modem to connect and see if the error is still there.

Control Wi-Fi Connected Devices

Most routers have a rule and recommendation about the number of connections. If your home is using the Wifi modem that the network company provides, this number is limited, it can only be from 4-6 devices connected to the network. Therefore, if you want to make the wifi signal work more stable and avoid lag, lag, and flickering, you should turn off devices when not in use to give your laptop the best connection.

Besides, you also need to control the devices connected to the people using your home wifi by going to the Router admin and counting the number of Mac bands that are connected to the wifi.

Step 1 : Type Device Manager in the Start Menu search box and press Enter

Why is the computer slow to catch wifi and how to fix it? 1

Step 2 : In the Device Manager window, select Ports / Communications Ports / Port Settings tab , then set the per second option to maximum and the Flow control item to Hardware and then click Ok to save

Why is the computer slow to catch wifi and how to fix it? 2

Contact your network provider

When performing the above methods and still have no way to fix the laptop with wifi flickering, it is best to report it to the carrier's customer care support center.

At that time, the technical staff will guide you how to best fix it as well as have technical solutions to restore your home network connection first.

Hopefully the above sharing about why the computer catches wifi is slow and the instructions on how to fix this situation will help you.

Date published: 17/02/2022
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