Instead of using a credit card, you should pay cash to the driver when you arrive at the lion island.

What visitors should never do when taking a taxi in Singapore, traveling to Singapore

In Singapore, not every time the seller also receives payment by credit card. In many commercial centers and restaurants, they often mention a table with a target of 20 USD or more to use the card. Therefore, you should bring cash to be convenient while shopping.

With a taxi, the situation is similar. This service at Sing is cheaper than many other developed countries. Visa cards are less acceptable, other cards will incur an additional 10% surcharge, according to News.

In addition, drivers do not like to receive money via credit cards. If you want your trip to be easy and economical, it is best to prepare cash. ATMs are everywhere in Singapore, very convenient for travelers who need it.

From Changi Airport, most tourists choose to move to the center by taxi, about 30-40 minutes away. Affordable, based on actual kilometers to charge. You can also choose public transport to enter the city.

You can also take the MRT (MRT) to explore Singapore because the streets are often blocked. The MRT system here is always in the most modern group in the world. The fare for a train is also much cheaper than renting a private car or taking a taxi.

Singapore is about 100 km north of the equator, so the weather here is often hot. Every time during the year visitors to Singapore are suitable, although many people still prefer to go in the middle or the end of the year – the time of the sale and Christmas season.

Older people often speak Malaysian or Chinese. Young people all speak English. If you meet a Chinese Singaporean, tell them in English instead of Chinese, because they prefer it. Singaporeans often add the word “lah” at the end of the sentence to emphasize. All signs here are in English.

Zoo is one of the places that many tourists appreciate, because most of the animals here are not locked in cages but can freely travel in a specially designed area. To fully enjoy the ambience of the tropics, you can visit the Botanical Gardens (free entrance), or visit the works of Gardens by the Bay.

Many people often say that you have not really enjoyed all of Singapore’s great cuisine, if you have not eaten chilli crab. The eastern side of the island is home to the best chilli sauce crab.


What visitors should never do when taking a taxi in Singapore, traveling to Singapore
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