What is the error consider replacing your battery and how to fix it?

When you are using the computer to solve your work, suddenly the laptop battery shows a red X and is accompanied by a message consider replacing your battery, making you bewildered as to what problem the computer is having. This is a problem many users are facing and in today's this article we will answer the question of what is the error consider replacing your battery and how to fix it.

Laptop battery error consider replacing your battery is caused by the battery driver error or the operating system not updating the correct battery driver driver.

What is the error consider replacing your battery and how to fix it? 1

1. Due to the operating system not updating the correct driver

If you have this error, it is most likely because when installing the Windows operating system, you forgot to update the driver for your computer. Or you used the battery without plugging in the charger, causing the power to turn off.

Step 1 : Right-click My Computer on the desktop and then select Manage to show the Computer Management panel , then select Device Manager , select Batteries , Disable the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery . After disabling is complete, the battery icon will disappear. This will let the user use the battery to drain.

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What is the error consider replacing your battery and how to fix it? 2

Step 2 : You restart the device and when it boots up, you will see the battery icon is no longer there. At this point, you just need to use up the battery until your laptop turns off by itself.

Step 3 : When your computer takes out the battery, let the battery cool down for about 15 minutes . Plug in the laptop charger, remember that at this point your device has been removed from the battery and booted in a state of battery-free computer. When you boot into the BIOS load setup default -> press the F10 key and Enter to enter the windows operating system.

What is the error consider replacing your battery and how to fix it? 3

When you enter Windows, turn off all the programs, then turn off your computer.

Step 4 : You put the battery in and charge the battery to full and remember that when charging the battery, do not start the device

Step 5 : When the battery is full, remove the battery and remember that at this time your laptop has removed the battery and started up in the state of the computer without battery. When you boot, go to BIOS -> next load setup default -> click F10 and go to windows.

Step 6 : You plug in the battery and restart the computer again, when the screen appears, go to BIOS -> then click on load setup default -> press the F10 key and enter the windows operating system. When you enter windows, you will see that the battery has run out of errors and reset the parameters of the battery

Right-click Computer , select Manage to show Computer Management panel, then select Device Manager , select Batteries , finally enable the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery .

Step 7 : You restart the computer

2. Due to Cell Damage

What is the error consider replacing your battery and how to fix it? 4

In this case, most of them are damaged 1-3 cells (not the whole cell). You should replace the cell and reset the battery circuit. You can check which cell is damaged, then replace that cell so it will be more cost-effective

However, you should replace the entire cell so that the battery is more synchronized. In case you change the new cell out of sync, the battery is very easy to degrade and the new cell is also very quickly damaged.

3. Damaged battery circuit

This is also the reason why the laptop battery has the error consider replacing your battery. After a long time of use, it may cause the battery circuit to fail and not be as good as before. If fixed, it can only be used for a period of time, not as effective as the original. The best solution is to replace a new battery to ensure longevity and efficiency when used.

There are many different reasons why your laptop has battery problems. However, with three major causes and ways to fix the laptop battery error consider replacing your battery above is considered the most common and encountered by many users.

Date published: 22/02/2022
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