If you dream of losing your teeth, you may be losing control of your life, even dreaming of chasing many of your chances of evading something.

What do 5 common nightmares signal about your health?

Everyone must have experienced the feeling of getting up at midnight, sweating profusely because of nightmares. According to Medical Daily, these dreams want to say that our minds are trying to solve a problem. In The Journal of Neuroscience, scientists have given answers to the five most common bad dreams.

Late school

A late-school or late-hour test, even though you graduated ten years ago, often appears at the time you are waiting for something important. It shows that you are overloaded or not ready for great changes.

Tooth loss

Imagine you woke up in the dental clinic and saw the friendly dentist cure you. When it was time to look at the mirror, you realized that your teeth were gone. Scientists identify teeth symbolizing their own strength. Falling teeth or spitting out shows you are out of control in life.

Nude between public places

Clothes like armor protect us from the world. The dream of being naked in public shows your sense of shame, vulnerability and anxiety whenever you are intimate with others.


If you dream of running away because someone is chasing you and doing harm, you are trying to avoid something in real life.

Uncontrolled driving

Scary dream about losing a driver is related to the road of publicity. Most likely, you are losing control, leading to anxiety, asking questions about your responsibilities and your future.

Image: creatingyourhealth.org

What do 5 common nightmares signal about your health?
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