What are the components inside the Huawei Mate 40 Pro?

Currently most manufacturers want users to bring repair to themselves or through other official partners.

Apple has done quite thoroughly when users will be nearly unable to fix the device through a third party. Now, it seems that Huawei wants to do the same because through iFixit’s abdominal surgery we can see that the Huawei Mate 40 Pro components are arranged quite messy and almost impossible to fix.

What are the components inside the huawei mate 40 pro 1756

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The phone is finished from glass on both the front and back so it is quite fragile when affected by a strong force. This also makes repairs more difficult because you want to access the internal components, you have to pry off the back and potentially break the back. iFixit had to use heat guns, prying tools and even scissors to remove the back. The screen is even harder to remove than the back. These factors contribute to making the device more difficult and expensive to fix.

The internal components are also intricately arranged, making it difficult to repair. IFixit’s expert even cut a cable by mistake because the cord is too close to the power key. While other manufacturers focus on making the internal components tidy, it seems that Huawei just “throws” a bunch of components in and stuffs enough space.

What are the components inside the huawei mate 40 pro 1756 1

But there are advantages, many parts are modular so it is quite easy to replace if broken. Even the upper speaker cluster and the submarine zoom sensor system are also modules. So it’s quite easy to replace parts though, but it will be up to the person performing the repair to have enough experience to take the machine out without damaging anything. iFixit scores the Huawei Mate 40 pro as 4 out of 10 for repair, below Apple iPhone 12 series.