Ways to quickly fix Samsung screen flicker error

Samsung phones are always one of the top smartphone choices that many users trust to use. However, if in the process of using, unfortunately the device encounters error, Samsung screen blinks continuously causing eye strain. Let’s explore the details in the article below!

What is the cause of your Samsung screen flickering error?

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You are using the phone normally, the device screen is detected faulty, blinks continuously. Even there appears error, the phone screen has horizontal stripes , vertical stripes make users not worry.

Ways to quickly fix samsung screen flicker error 849

Samsung phone screen is faulty, blinking continuously

The cause of this error can arise due to the following reasons:

  • Due to the habit of using the phone frequently for a long time, the system is overloaded, leading to the error of the screen being flashed, blinking continuously.
  • Due to the device running too many applications at the same time or running background applications causing RAM to overload, affecting hardware and screen performance.
  • Download an application or malware, cause software conflicts and lead to screen errors.
  • Due to the Samsung phone being dropped, strong impact or being soaked in water, the screen may be damaged or its hardware is damaged.
  • Because Samsung phones are poor quality products, replaced with non-genuine parts.
Ways to quickly fix samsung screen flicker error 849 1

Cause of Samsung phone screen error

How to fix Samsung screen flickering error

With error, Samsung screen is blinking continuously , once the cause has been identified, you can refer to one of the troubleshooting instructions below.

Method 1: Reboot your device

How to fix the first Samsung phone screen error that many people think of is restarting the device, not just the blinking screen error. In case the low-end device is not equipped with a reset feature, you can turn off the power and wait for about 10-20 seconds, then restart the device.

Method 2: Disable background applications

In case the user is not running an application anymore, you should turn it off, especially applications running in the background to reduce the burden on Samsung phone’s RAM, help speed up the phone . This solution not only helps to deal with screen flickering errors, but also helps to limit screen crashes, screen glitches, screen vibrations ….

Ways to quickly fix samsung screen flicker error 849 2

Disable background applications to reduce the burden on RAM

How to disable apps running in the background on your phone is as follows: Tap the multitasking app icon to the left of the Home button. Then, on the screen will display the minimized window and press the button “X” in the upper right corner of the application window you want to disable.

Method 3: Uninstall the application on your device

If your phone has too many apps open because you are installing too many apps, the screen may flicker. To fix this, users only need to remove unnecessary applications .

How to remove an application is as simple as: Go to Settings on your Samsung phone and tap Apps . In the list of apps currently installed on your phone, tap the app you want to remove and select Uninstall and press OK to confirm.

Method 4: Factory reset

A simple way of handling and the last effect introduced in this article to help fix Samsung phone screen error is to factory reset of the device. The steps are as simple as this: Open Settings >> General Administration >> Reset >> Restore Factory reset >> Reset .

Ways to quickly fix samsung screen flicker error 849 3

Factory reset the device to fix the screen error

In case the user has tried all the above and still has not solved error of Samsung screen flickering , then there is a high chance that your device has malfunctioned or damaged. broken hardware, internal components. With the cause of a screen error due to hardware, you only have to bring the device to reputable repair addresses for support to check and fix the error quickly!