Ways to increase iPhone battery life may not be known

The battery is the weakest point on the iPhone and especially after a long period of use will be drained, battery life will decrease. However, if you know some of the tips to improve battery life on iPhone below will fix the battery draining quickly.

Ways to increase iphone battery life may not be known 552

All Apple iPhone models are equipped with quite low battery capacity and it makes users very inhibited when having to charge the battery many times. However, after each software update, Apple comes with new improvements that help improve the energy consumption of the iPhone.

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The battery is the weak point of the iPhone

Pocket some iPhone battery life improvement tips

You can completely check your phone battery so that you do not have to worry too much about the battery problem as follows.

Go to Settings -> select Battery -> Select Battery Status to check what is the maximum capacity of the remaining battery. It will determine the usage time of the device after each full charge.

To improve battery life on iPhone you can apply the following tips:

1. Find the culprits with battery drain and turn them off

Tips to improve battery life on iPhone The first thing you need to know and do is find out the culprits causing the battery drain situation. It’s very simple, just go to the Settings app -> select Battery. In the section “Using battery by application” you will see the level of battery drain of each application. Let’s see what applications are not really needed, please delete it.

Check out the culprit of the battery drain

In case you still want to use that app then try disabling location services, then refresh background apps because they are also a factor that drains the battery on the iPhone.

2. Disable positioning

It’s wise to install a new app the user usually gives that app permission to enable the location feature. However, this feature has a huge impact on the battery life of the iPhone.

Disable location services for apps

So please check the application to see which application has been granted access to the application, then turn it off. You can do it by: Go to Settings -> select Privacy -> select location service and turn it off.

Note: enable only specific and necessary applications.

3. Turn off “Background App Refresh”

Go to Settings -> select General -> select Refresh background app and disable it for some unimportant apps or Facebook

Although it’s a great feature, “Refreshing background apps” on iPhone has a big impact on your battery capacity. So tips to improve battery life on iPhone is to turn this feature off.

4. Use “Dark Mode”

Go to Settings -> select Display and Brightness -> choose a dark theme to save battery power. You can also install on a schedule if you want

From iOS 13 and above, Apple has integrated Dark Mode and this mode helps users significantly improve battery life, especially with devices using OLED screens such as: iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

5. Disable the feature “Automatically turn on the screen”

Turn off the feature “Automatically turn on screen” by going to Settings -> select Display and brightness -> select “Raise to turn on” -> swipe left to disable

This is quite a convenient feature during use. But it reduces the battery. So turn it off if not absolutely necessary.

6. Use low power mode

To activate this mode you need to do the following: go to Settings -> select Battery -> select low power mode -> turn on the feature

Another battery life improvement tip on iPhone you can also apply is to turn on low power mode. As announced by Apple, it can improve the battery up to 3 hours and when the phone is 20% mode will give reminders and when the battery reaches 80% it will automatically turn off.

7. Use automatic brightness

Re-enable auto brightness

To save battery power, use auto brightness mode. If this mode is turned off, re-enable it by going to Settings -> select Accessibility -> select “Display & Font Size” -> select “Auto Brightness” and activate it. This feature will generate the brightness corresponding to the environment you are in.

8. Reinstall iPhone

Restore iPhone settings is also an effective way to improve battery life. You just need to go to Settings -> select General -> select Reset -> select “Erase all content and settings”.

Note: before deleting the settings, please back up data using iCloud or iTunes so as not to lose important data.

Reset iPhone

Note: before deleting the settings, please back up data using iCloud or iTunes so as not to lose important data.

  • Updated to iOS 14 beta.
  • Do not use animated wallpapers.
  • Turn off bluetooth when not in use.
  • Reduces screen brightness.
  • Limit your device’s usage when the iPhone’s temperature gets too high.

Hope the above battery life improvement tips will help you in using iPhone.