Vivo V20, Realme 7, OPPO F17 Pro compare and review

When it comes to the mid-range segment, one of the most popular phones right now is the OPPO F17 Pro.

There are several reasons for the success of this phone, which is its extremely slim design, good performance, and packed with attractive features. However, in this segment, OPPO mobile phones will encounter two other fierce competitors, the Vivo V20 and Realme 7. So when put on the comparison table, which is the better choice for users?


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As mentioned above, OPPO F17 Pro is one of the thinnest and lightest devices launched in 2020. However, there is another phone with a design as beautiful as OPPO mobile phone. is the Vivo V20.

At first glance, the F17 Pro might look a bit more appealing thanks to its punch-hole display and eye-catching color variations, but the Vivo V20 has a better finish quality with a glossy glass back.

Compared to the other two models, the Realme 7 is thicker and heavier, so in terms of aesthetics, it is the worst of the three smartphones today. Furthermore, Realme’s mobile has a fingerprint scanner integrated into the power button on the side while the other two smartphones are integrated below the screen.

The screen

OPPO F17 Pro and Vivo V20 own screens with superior display quality compared to Realme 7. In which, OPPO mobile uses the best AMOLED panel of the three with high brightness. But the Vivo V20 is still a great phone in terms of display if we consider its affordable price tag. The Realme 7 lacks an AMOLED screen, but in return it supports a 90Hz refresh rate, which promises a smoother gaming experience.

Hardware and software

Vivo V20 has the best hardware of the three phones available today. This smartphone is powered by Snapdragon 720G chip, comes with 8GB of RAM and users will have 256GB of internal memory to store data.

Second place goes to the Realme 7 with the MediaTek Helio G95 processor paired with 8GB of RAM. The performance of OPPO F17 Pro is inferior to its two rivals because it uses only Helio P95 chipset and 8GB of RAM.

Regarding software, Realme 7 and OPPO F17 Pro run Android 10, while Vivo V20 is based on Android 11.


Despite having a smaller number of cameras, Vivo V20 has the best quality main sensor of the trio with resolutions up to 64MP. Furthermore, the phone also has an extremely quality 44MP selfie camera. Hence, if you need a phone that captures both the front and back, then the Vivo V20 is the best choice.

OPPO F17 Pro appears right behind with a 48MP quad-camera system like the Realme 7, but its selfie image quality is better with 16MP + 2MP dual camera clusters on the front. If we only consider the back, the Realme 7 and OPPO F17 Pro will give the same image quality. Even their software is almost the same.


The winning smartphone in the battery comparison is Realme 7. This phone has a 5,000 mAh battery, which is 1,000 mAh higher than the other two phones. However, Vivo V20 is the smartphone with the fastest charging technology up to 33W.


Overall, no smartphone wins in today’s comparison as all three have their own strengths and weaknesses. If you need a battery phone “buffalo”, the Realme 7 will be the most suitable choice. If you want to use a smartphone with good display quality, strong performance and quality rear camera system, then clearly Vivo V20 will be the most suitable choice. And the OPPO F17 Pro will be suitable for those who like to use thin and light phones. What is your choice?

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