Use CrossOver 20 to run Windows software on a Mac

Apple’s new ARM Macs can run macOS, iOS / iPadOS apps and even “.exe” Windows apps directly on macOS.

As we all know, with previous Mac devices, to be able to run Windows applications, users will be forced to install Windows operating system through the Boot Camp. However, with the switch to the new M1 ARM chipset, the installation of Windows 10 ARM is completely impossible because Microsoft does not provide a Windows 10 ARM platform for individuals.

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To solve this problem, a new tool called CrossOver 20 has been released. According to experts from CodeWeavers, the CrossOver 20 tool works perfectly well on Macs running Apple’s new M1 chip.

Use crossover 20 to run windows software on a mac 1392

CrossOver 20 is an open source platform that enables Windows applications to run on macOS and Linux. In other words, Windows applications can be run directly on the macOS platform through CrossOver 20.

This new version of CrossOver emulates Windows Intel binaries on macOS via Rosetta 2 technology and emulates x86 binaries on new Mac ARM hardware.

Some Windows applications are successfully installed on the Mac M1, including the game Among Us Windows version, Team Fortress 2 … Although it can be run, but due to not optimized, the titles This game runs quite laggy on an ARM Mac.

Use crossover 20 to run windows software on a mac 1392 1

Currently, CrossOver 20 is only released as a beta, so the tool development team encourages users to just experience it, not to run Windows applications in the long run to avoid impacting. computer hardware.