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Trading on Stormgain margin exchange – detailed instructions

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In today's article, you and I are in the section "Trading Margin and Exchange StormGain" to help newcomers easily make transactions with products available on StormGain.

You can watch my StormGain trading tutorial video below:

And see the detailed instructions on how to trade StormGain in the article section below:

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If you are looking for a cryptocurrency exchange, there are many cryptocurrency and virtual currency exchanges today. However, Stormgain is an underrated cryptocurrency exchange and it is not yet popular and is ranked only 130 on the Spot exchange chart out of 309 exchanges. Ranked 26th on the Future exchange chart out of 33 Future exchanges according to's ranking.
If you do not know the largest cryptocurrency exchange today, it is Binance and it is ranked #1. You can register an account to experience.

To continue, you can register an account to follow the instructions.

Trade Margin Main Interface On StormGain

The trading interface is divided into 6 basic parts:

  • Panel 1: Select a trading product that is Trading or Exchange . In which Exchange has 2 different products, Advanced and Instant
  • Panel 2: Select trading coin pairs
  • Panel 2: Candlestick chart. Candlestick charts depict the price movement of a trading pair.
  • Panel 3: Cryptocurrency and Wallet Information (Balance)
  • Panel 4: Orderbook
  • Panel 5: Place Orders
  • Panel 6: Check balance, open orders, close orders & transaction history

Guide to trading products available on StormGain: Trading and Exchange

1. Common Exchange Product Trading Guide

In which Exchange has 2 different products, Advanced and Instant

1.1 Instant Transactions

It can be a transaction in the form of a quick exchange between coins

Go to Exchange and select Instant , then select a trading pair, enter the number of Coins you want to convert, and then select Exchange as shown in the example below:

1.2 Advanced Trading

This part is basically like we trade like on other exchanges

Go to the Exchange section and then select Advanced , then select the coin pair you want to trade and then select Open Order as shown in the example below:

There are 2 types of orders:

  • Limit Order: 1 order to buy/sell at a specific price. For example, if Trader A sends a limit order LTC-USDT at $38, it means Trader A is willing to pay up to $38 for LTC. Trader A's orders will trade against any selling orders on the Order Book that satisfy the price Trader A is willing to buy. Trader A's order can be pushed down if it is not yet executed and someone else places an order at a higher price.

  • Market Order: 1 order to buy/sell at market price. A market order is an order for immediate execution that automatically gathers sufficient quantities at the prices closest to the currently traded price on the OrderBook. For example, in the picture below, you execute a Market Order with the BTC-USDT market with the amount of 50 BTC, then the system will collect enough BTC for you with the following amount: (0.4882 BTC at the price of 6,144.25 USD + 49.5118 BTC at 6,144.00 USD +… ) until 50 BTC is enough to stop.

2. Guide to trading Trading products with Margin leverage

Go to the Trading section and then select the trading pair, then select Open Trade as the example in the image below:

There are 2 types of orders:

  • At the price (which is the type of Limit Order explained above) : an order to buy / sell at a specific price.
  • Now (the same type of Market Order explained above) : 1 order to buy / sell at market price

Other ordering options:

  • Trade Amount : enter the amount you want to enter the order.
  • Multiplier : Choose leverage ranging from x5 to x200.
  • Loss : Stop-loss or stop loss
  • Profit : Take-profit or take profit
  • Auto Increase: a feature that is automatically added when a trade has a loss close to 50% if you still have money in your account to prevent it from being liquidated. Furthermore, traders can monitor the status of their trades live on StormGain through My Open Trades . Through My Open Trades , users can track their trade details, including current profit/loss and when the trade was opened.
  • Finally, choose Buy / Long or Sell / Short:
    • Buy/Long: You make a profit when the market goes up
    • Sell/Short: You make a profit when the market goes down


  • Buy/Long order  :  For example, the current BTC price is 10145, you predict that when BTC reaches the 10000 area, the price will bounce up to 10600 and you will cut your loss when it hits 9900. Then  your Buy/Long  order will be:
    Price: 10000 , Loss: 1% and Profit  6%.
  •  Sell/Short  order : For example, the current BTC price is 10145, you predict BTC will drop to 9800 when it hits the 10600 area and you cut your loss when it reaches 10700. Then  your Sell/Short order  will be:
    Price: 10600, Loss : 1% and Profit: 8%.

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