Top free secret remote computer monitoring software

You are looking for a remote computer monitoring software via the internet or LAN to support monitoring and monitoring the computer usage of your children and employees. In the following article, this post will share Top free secret remote computer monitoring software for you, let's follow along.

Should remote computers be monitored?

Currently, there are many people who use remote computer monitoring software for bad purposes such as tracking lovers or hacking accounts. This is the way to monitor remote computers that deserves condemnation, not encouraging you to go the wrong way.

If you monitor the computer remotely for the purpose of monitoring your child's use of the computer at home. Because monitoring children is a necessary action when they do not know the good and bad behaviors in the virtual environment.

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Parents need to have measures to monitor their children's behavior when using the device. This will help parents be more proactive in protecting their children to avoid harmful effects.

Maybe you are interested!

Or you can also see if someone is using your computer.

How to monitor remote computers easy to do

Using remote computer monitoring software allows you to monitor all the activities of other people on the computer. For example, you will be able to track what websites other people visit and how they behave. You can also manage the computers that are monitored at a certain location.

To make it easier to monitor remote computers, you can refer to public and secret monitoring software. You can organize groups of computers in different departments. It is also possible to actively turn off or start the machine with just a mouse operation.

You can also be more active in choosing to connect to a remote computer or set a password. It is also important to use simultaneous integration with the LAN.

Free secret computer monitoring software

Network LookOut Administrator Pro

Network LookOut Administrator Pro secret remote computer monitoring software allows you to directly monitor the computer screen you are monitoring from another computer. In addition, this software is also suitable for local area network LAN and you can control the remote computer with just one easy mouse click.

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Some outstanding features of Network LookOut Administrator Pro

  • Easily monitor the activities on other people's computers such as children, students, students, etc. from a remote computer.
  • Support monitoring multiple computers at the same time.
  • You can control your computer remotely with just a mouse or keyboard.
  • Allows screen expansion for computers with low bandwidth.
  • Use suitable for LAN.

Note: You can try the software for free. After that, you have to pay a fee of 2,300,000 VND to use the software.

Download Network LookOut Administrator Pro software here.

Argos Monitoring

Argos Monitoring remote computer monitoring software supports users to monitor, monitor and record the activities of computer users. You can quickly review the user's usage history.

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Some outstanding features of Argos Monitoring

  • Support remote computer monitoring
  • Computer screen capture feature.
  • Record the user's activities on the computer such as watching movies, surfing the web, used applications, software, ...
  • Easily review the entire process of using the computer.
  • Access the software with a password.

Note: You can try Argos Monitoring software for free for 7 days. After that, you have to pay 930,000 VND to use the software.

Download Argos Monitoring software here:.


Free computer monitoring software ExcecutedProgramsList helps people review computer activities or problems with the computer system, etc. The software also supports you to review which files have been opened and the software. which has been active on the computer in recent times.

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Some outstanding features of ExcecutedProgramsList

  • Support users to review the operation history of the computer.
  • Keep track of which files have been opened and which applications have been active on the system.
  • Can track information about file creation date, file size, ...
  • Easily review the last file modification.

Download the ExcecutedProgramsList software here.

Super Silent Manager

Super Silent Manager is one of the free secret computer monitoring software used by many people. This software supports remote monitoring of all activities on your home computer, corporate network or any computer with internet access with a dynamic IP address provided by Super Silent Manager software itself. grant.

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Some outstanding features of Super Silent Manager:

  • Support monitoring the activities on the computers of employees, students, children from a remote computer.
  • Control remote computer by mouse, computer.
  • The website interface is simple and user-friendly.

Download Super Silent Manager software here.

Power Spy

Power Spy is the best computer monitoring software available today, helping users to monitor and monitor computers effectively. Moreover, you can capture all the activities that have been done on other people's computers easily.

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Some outstanding features of Power Spy

  • Save other people's access history to websites.
  • Record conversations on social media platforms.
  • Support users to monitor remote computers.
  • The feature of capturing the computer screen as well as sending information to the supervisor.
  • Support to access Power Spy software with a password to protect the safety of users.

Note: You can try this software for free. After that, you have to pay a fee of 1,150,000 VND to use the software.

Download Power Spy software here.

Above is the Top free secret remote computer monitoring software that this post would like to introduce to you. Hopefully with these shares, it has been helpful for you in the process of using computers. Try downloading the software to experience it right away. Thank you for following the article.

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