Tips to increase iPhone SE 2020 battery life

iPhone SE 2020 is Apple’s newest and cheapest iPhone model. Despite having the same power as the iPhone 11, the 2nd generation iPhone SE battery is underestimated. But don’t worry too much as we already have ways to extend the battery life of iPhone SE 2020.

The price is only 1/2 of the iPhone 11 but the performance is equivalent, which is one of the reasons why Android users will switch to iPhone SE 2020 . However, the size of the iPhone SE 2020 is quite small, resulting in a not high capacity included battery. As announced by Apple, the new generation iPhone SE only comes with a 1,821 mAh battery, so the time used after each charge will not be much.

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iPhone SE 2020 is powerful but battery is a bit low

But if you have an iPhone SE 2020 or intend to buy it, apply the following ways to optimize the battery immediately.

Ways to extend your iPhone SE 2020 battery life you should know

Track the battery usage of apps

Apps installed on iPhone SE 2020 will sometimes drain the battery faster than you think. Many apps work in the background without you knowing anything, or maybe you are just using it too many times.

Track application usage on iPhone SE 2020

The easiest way to prolong the battery life of iPhone SE 2020 is the simplest way is to turn off the “Refreshing background app” mode so that it does not perform the process of searching for updates. new. In addition, you should also look on your device to see if there are other applications that drain the battery. To know which apps are consuming the most battery in this time, just go to: “Settings” -> select “Battery” and drag the screen down to see the battery usage report of the apps in 24h or 10 most recent days.

Software update for iPhone SE 2020

Update the software regularly

The software update for iPhone SE 2020 is a lot more important than you think. In addition to bug fixes, sometimes Apple will improve the performance of the machine to optimize battery life. So updating will help you to better secure your device and sometimes also improve battery life.

Disable automatic updates

iPhone SE 2020 applications also need to be updated to the latest version. However, they are different from iOS updates because sometimes automatically updating apps will make the device drain more battery. So the way to prolong the battery life of your iPhone SE 2020 is to disable automatic app updates.

Disable automatic application updates

You just need to go to: “Settings” -> select “iTunes & App Store” -> Scroll down to the “Automatic Downloads” and disable it. Alternatively, you can also turn off automatic updates for the Apple Music or Books app.

Change mail settings

To optimize the battery for iPhone SE 2020, you should pay attention to email data updates. Push Mail is a feature integrated by Apple for iPhone to help users not miss any new emails. However, sometimes it will cause the phone to run out of battery faster.

Change mail settings

So if it’s not in a while, please readjust your job with email. It will help to use the machine for longer. Very simple, just go to “Settings” -> select “Password & Account” -> Select “Get new data”, here you will see iPhone is updating new data and please adjust the time. time to update.

Don’t share your location

It is not recommended to share the location by tech experts as it can expose personal information and cause the battery to drain faster. Although you do not actively use it, there will be a number of apps that constantly check your location. So you should only grant permission to use the location when you need to use that application only.

Manage permissions using your location

Disables some settings in iCloud

iCloud Settings

Cloud storage is very important for an iPhone. However, uploading data will also make the iPhone SE faster to run out of battery. So even if you do not want to change too much in the settings, you should also check in iCloud settings what information to download, which should not be downloaded.

Manage connections

Always prioritize using wifi when connecting to the network

The way to prolong the battery life of your iPhone SE 2020 is to manage the connections you use frequently. Always prioritize wifi as this connection consumes less energy than mobile data. And in the absence of using the device you can also activate the airplane mode to help the device have time to rest. It will also help your iPhone 2020 battery life last longer.

Use the “Do Not Disturb” feature

Notifications are constantly sent to your phone and it will cause the screen to constantly light up, ring or vibrate. And these are the factors that cause energy loss. You can mute the sound, turn off the vibrate mode when a notification is sent. However, it will make you miss important calls or messages.

Do not disturb should be enabled to save battery power

So you can use the Do Not Disturb feature in order not to be interrupted while using the phone. It will turn off unnecessary sounds but still help you get calls from important contacts.

Adjust brightness

Adjust the screen brightness in Control Center

Among all the parts, the screen is the place where the battery drains the most. So you should set the screen brightness to suit your needs. Brightness should not be maximized as it will make iPhone SE 2020 run out of battery faster.

Disables some Siri features

Although it is a great virtual assistant, Siri will also make iPhone SE 2020 run out of battery faster. If you don’t use Siri often, disable it to optimize battery life. Or you can also limit the usage to have longer usage time.

Do not make the most of Siri because it will make iPhone SE 2020 run out of battery faster

Although the weak point is the battery, the iPhone SE 2020 is still very worthy of the phone that should be used today. Just apply these ways to prolong the battery life of iPhone SE 2020 on we are sure you will have more time to use the device ..

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