Tips to help you protect your eyes when working with computers, phones for a long time

If you often use a computer at work, or you often have a habit of “glued to your phone”. Maybe you are having eye problems such as eye fatigue, dry eyes, dizziness, watery eyes …

Devices such as computer monitors, TVs, smartphones, tablets or LEDs are devices with the amount of blue light, the time using these devices and the distance is too close to the user’s eyes makes many people doctors are concerned about the long-term health effects. Blue light harms:

Maybe you are interested!

Increased risk of macular degeneration: Blue light can penetrate the retina (the inner lining behind the eye) so too much exposure to blue light can damage sensitive cells. light in the retina. This can cause macular degeneration and permanent loss of vision.

Increased Risk of Digital Eye Fatigue Syndrome: Because of the short wavelength blue light is more easily scattered (dispersed) than other types of visible light (the light that the human eye has is visible).

Most recognizable is that you feel headache, dizziness and eye strain when looking at the screen for too long, easily causing myopia, especially children when their eyes are still in the development process. Before the above harm, each user should equip themselves with the following simple eye protection tips:

For phone screen:

Set the monitor to night mode

On iPhone and iPad devices go to Settings Display & Brightness Night Shift.

In the Display & brightness section, tap the Night Shift setting. This feature changes the screen of your device to a warmer color, thereby filtering out blue light. You can set up for iPhone, iPad to automatically turn on Night Shift when it gets dark, the device will automatically turn on and when it is morning the device will turn off this mode.

In addition, you can control the color of the Night Shift display by moving the slider to Warmer or Cooler depending on your needs. Drag the slider towards More Warm if you want better sleep, but you still need gi

On Android phones: In addition to some technology companies that have integrated this feature on their products, for devices that do not have this feature you can download 3rd party applications.

Blue Light Filter supports users to easily adjust the color temperature of the screen according to preferences, but the application also gives necessary warnings if the user is adjusting the inappropriate light levels for health.

Increase the text size displayed on the screen

If the text size on the phone screen is too small, forcing the user to focus their eyes and keep the face closer to the screen. Will make you tired, headache … So increase the text size and increase the contrast so you can see things more easily without too much focus and stress.

Adjust screen brightness and resolution

Many people have a habit of adjusting the screen resolution and brightness to the highest, so that the screen can display more information and be brighter. However, too much abuse will result in the images and text on the programs becoming smaller. The eyes will have to constantly adjust to see such content. This is very harmful. It is best to leave the monitor at the right resolution for eye comfort.

Blink frequently when using your phone for a long time

When we stare at a screen, we often forget to blink. This causes dry eyes. Therefore, always blinking will prevent dry eyes and reduce eye strain.

For a computer monitor:

Adjusts larger text size

Working environment with the computer screen for a long time, causing your eyes to be overloaded … Instead of looking at small fonts, you should adjust the font size larger so that you can see it easily and detail. Also, keep the text in black for better visibility and increase the color contrast.

Blink protection

Looking at the screen for so long you should know how to protect your eyes by simply blinking. Failure to blink frequently will cause the outer membrane of the eye to dry out and get into the eye. Besides, the use of eye drops is also a way to help you feel more comfortable and effectively prevent dry eyes.

Brightness adjustment

Leaving the computer screen too bright may cause eye strain and headaches. Adjust the brightness such as providing more light or reducing the intensity of light directly transmitted to the eyes if you have to use the computer too much.

Relax your eyes every 20 minutes

After 20 minutes of work, take a break for 20 seconds and look for a distance of about 6 meters. When you look, the muscles in your eye help it move and focus on different objects. If you focus on working for too long on the screen, it will reduce the flexibility, difficult to adjust when moving the direction of looking to another distance. This eye protection is simple, you can give your eyes a break at any time.

Hope with the above tips you will overcome the eye fatigue when using electronic devices for too long and take time to take care of your eyes!

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