The ways to charge the phone don’t get hot

The temperature is considered a common enemy of technology equipment. In particular, the process of charging the phone will cause the device to radiate a large amount of heat. To solve this problem, immediately apply the methods to charge the phone without getting too hot suggested in the article below.

The ways to charge the phone dont get hot 563

Charging the battery will cause the phone to heat up

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When the phone is charging, a certain amount of heat is generated which causes it to heat up. This is not too difficult to understand because when the current flows through the machine part will be accumulated in the battery, the rest will be converted to heat. So when charging, the phone gets hot. However, there are a few ways you can lower the temperature of the device.

Remove the protective case when charging the phone

Although the case can both protect the phone from external influences and is a fashion accessory. However, it asexual makes your device get hotter when charging. So to lower the temperature of the device during the charging process, please remove the case. This will help the machine escape heat faster.

Do not charge near other heat sources

The ways to charge the phone dont get hot 563 1

Place the phone in a cool place when charging

The way to charge your phone does not get hot is to stay away from other heat sources such as: stove, stove, outdoors or other device charging. If placed in these positions will cause the machine’s temperature to rise higher. The phone should be placed in a cool place during charging.

Do not place the phone on a fabric surface

Some of you have a habit of placing your phone on a cushion, pillow or blanket while it’s charging. However, this is a bad habit that can be fatal because in many cases the phone explodes while charging.

Also, placing your phone on a fabric layer is like you are wearing a cotton shirt for the phone. Unable to escape heat causes the phone to heat up quickly and increases the risk of explosion.

Do not use your phone while it is charging

The ways to charge the phone dont get hot 563 2

Do not use the phone while it is charging

Another way to charge your phone that won’t get hot is to not use it while it’s charging. Doing so will cause the machine to work harder and the temperature will also increase. It’s like holding a lump of coal in your hand.

Disable background applications

The temperature of the device heats up while charging is also partly due to some applications running in the background. You should turn off all of them to help the device charge faster and not overheat. You can turn off wifi, mobile data or bluetooth to make the phone cool. If not too necessary, the power can be turned off when charging.

Try using a lower power charger

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Using a low power charger is also a way to charge your phone without getting too hot

The vast majority of smartphones today are integrated with fast charging technology. Although manufacturers have tried to make the capacity of the charger not affect the temperature and durability of the device. However, if you feel uncomfortable because the temperature is high when charging, replace a charger with a lower capacity. It will help cool down the phone but the charging speed will slow down.

Use original batteries and chargers

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Use an original charger to lower your phone’s temperature

Genuine batteries and chargers are always optimized in all aspects to help radiate heat at an acceptable level. Therefore, you should not use an unknown charger and always charge the charger that comes with the device.

Create a good heat dissipation environment

A very simple way to lower the temperature of the device when charging is to create a very good heat dissipation environment such as turning on the fan, charging the phone in the room using air conditioning … However, never place the phone. get in the refrigerator to cool down. This will subject the phone to thermal shock and may damage the battery.

Hopefully the above 8 ways to charge your phone won’t get hot will help you guys. It both helps increase battery life, while avoiding unnecessary risks.