Relax your facial muscles, let go of your shoulders, take deep breaths, relax from your chest to your feet and spend 10 seconds to clear your thoughts before going to sleep.

The secret to help you sleep within 2 minutes of American soldiers

The secret is introduced in the book Relax and Win: Championship Performance by Lloyd Bud Winter by Lloyd Bud Winter.

“Those who join the army must learn how to sleep in harsh situations. The US Navy has developed a scientific method that can help you sleep day or night at any condition for 2 minutes.” , quoted in the book.

According to the survey, this method achieved a success rate of up to 96% after 6 weeks of practice. This is also effective even after you drink coffee or the noise of gunfire next to you.

The method is as follows:

  • Relax the muscles on your face, including the tongue, jaw and around the eyes. You should not squint or frown.
  • Let go of the lowest shoulder possible. Next is the neck, upper arm and lower forearm, turn each side.
  • Breathe deeply to relax your chest. Next is the thighs and legs so that the whole body is relaxed.
  • After that, you should spend 10 seconds to remove thoughts in your mind. To do this, Lloyd Bud Winter author suggested the following 3 ways:
  • Imagine yourself lying on a boat floating in a quiet lake. The surrounding has nothing but a clear blue sky.
  • You are lying in a jet-black hammock in a dark room.
  • Repeat the sentence “don’t think, don’t think, don’t think” with yourself continuously for 10 seconds.

Dr Neil Stanley, sleep expert, said the most important factor when wanting to sleep well is that the mind must be relaxed. “You need to do well three things: A bedroom is conducive to sleep, a comfortable body and most importantly a quiet mind,” Neil Stanley told The Independent.


The secret to help you sleep within 2 minutes of American soldiers
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