Adult flukes can be up to 12 meters long, consisting of thousands of burns, each containing about 50,000 eggs, living parasites in the human body.

The process of turning eggs becomes tapeworm in the human body

Cysticercosis / tapeworm larvae (swine fluke) are divided into two types, adult flukes and flukes.

With the parasite fluke infection, people eat infected infected eggs in food, swallow the stomach of the eggs hatching larvae and move to the small intestine. The larvae penetrate the wall of the digestive tract into the bloodstream and follow the blood to the muscles, eyes or brain and then cyst, parasites there. Depending on the location of the parasite, the patient has different symptoms.

If the follicle is in the muscle, the patient appears small, firm tumors, about 1-2 cm in size or by pea, peanut, mobile, not itchy, painless. U is located in the striated muscle, not in the path of lymph nodes.

If the cyst is in the brain, the patient may have seizures, paralysis of hands, legs or hemiplegia, lisp, memory disorders or severe headaches. Flukes in the eye can cause glaucoma, decreased vision or blindness.

The patient eats the raw or undercooked pork containing the cysts (rice pig), when the stomach reaches the parasite larvae and adheres to the small intestine and develops into adult tapeworms.

In case the patient has adult flukes parasitized in the intestine, when burning old flukes, they will fall out and escape mainly through the feces, infecting the environment or food and drinking water. Flukes may be refluxed on the stomach due to the reaction of intestinal motility, similar to burning new flukes. Then the number of flukes in the body will be very much.

Adult tapeworm parasites in the human body will develop gradually by sprouting, new burning from the neck to create thousands of new flukes. The length of adult flukes reaches 2 to 12 meters. Each burn has about 50,000 eggs.

Adult tapeworm disease often does not show obvious symptoms such as abdominal pain, mild gastrointestinal disorders. Symptoms are mainly patients who often have unpleasant sensations, irritability, some of the flukes burn themselves out. Burning flukes are small, flattened, ivory-white fragments, flat heads.

The helminths in general, when the fluke in the body occupies food, leading to the body’s poor absorption of nutrients, slow physical development, causing digestive disorders. People infected with swine fluke larvae must undergo CT scans and magnetic resonance imaging to detect lesions.

There are two types of tests to determine if swine flu infection is antibody and antigen. However, both types of tests do not determine the time of infection.

The process of turning eggs becomes tapeworm in the human body
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