Vietnamese Government leaders emphasize putting security work first and the reception should be attentive and respectful.

The Prime Minister of Vietnam requested ‘highest concentration’ for the US-Korean summit

In the afternoon of February 19, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc presided over a working inspection meeting to prepare for the second US-Korea Summit, scheduled to be held in Hanoi on February 27 and 28.

Leaders of the Government Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Police, National Defense and Hanoi City attended. The units reported preparations for the conference on security, material, logistics and international press center.

The Prime Minister stressed that this is an important international event, especially concerned by the world. “Continuing the success of international events organized by Vietnam such as the APEC Summit 2017 and WEF ASEAN 2018, Vietnam’s election to host the US-Korea Summit (second time) continue to affirm the increasing position of the country, and at the same time demonstrate the role and positive and responsible contribution of Vietnam to international issues, “he said.

Government leaders require the highest concentration of ministries and agencies to organize a successful Summit; at the same time, take note of security and safety tasks to the forefront; ensure urban environment landscape; reception must be attentive and respectful; creating maximum conditions for international reporters to come to Vietnam to report on the Conference.

“Preparing work should be carried out positively and urgently but must be detailed and careful, so that not only the friends of the participating countries can feel the friendliness and hospitality of the country and the people of Vietnam but also Even our people have a better understanding of the meaning of this Conference, about the role and international reputation of the country, “the Prime Minister stressed.

He also pointed out that this is a valuable opportunity for Vietnam to promote its international friends with images and achievements in the country; is a favorable condition to attract investment, tourism and trade promotion …

For Hanoi, the US-Korean Summit took place on the occasion of the 20-year capital receiving the title “City for Peace” by UNESCO. Therefore, Hanoi must take advantage of this opportunity to promote the image of a peace-loving, friendly, long-standing civilization capital with great potential for development cooperation.

Before 11/2 pm, at the Government’s regular meeting after the Lunar New Year, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the concerned units to “carefully organize the meeting of the US summit – North Korea. second in Hanoi later this month “.

On February 9, US President Donald Trump announced on Twitter, the second summit with North Korean President Kim Jong-un will take place in Hanoi on February 27-28.

Earlier, Mr. Trump announced that Vietnam was the meeting place in the speech of the Federal Message on February 5, but has not announced a specific city. US State Department spokesman Robert Palladino on February 7 thanked Vietnam, saying that the US-Vietnam relationship is a proof that the two former enemies could close the conflict past to become partners.

The Prime Minister of Vietnam requested ‘highest concentration’ for the US-Korean summit
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