The most effective way to free up iPhone space

Don't let your iPhone lag when the device memory is full. So, let's learn with article the most effective ways to free up iPhone space in the article below. And remember to start working to free up your storage space.

Stop using the My Photo Stream feature

Photo Stream is a feature built-in by Apple for iDevice users. It will automatically sync the photos you've taken on all devices using the same iCloud account. Therefore, your phone may consume more space with this feature.

Turn it off if you don't feel the need to use Photo Stream. Note a bit, before turning off this feature, you must save the images that you want to keep.

To stop using My Photo Stream and free up iPhone space, you need to go to Settings -> then click Photos and swipe right to turn off the iCloud Photos feature .

The most effective way to free up iPhone space 1

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Delete unused apps

The best way to free up iPhone space is to delete unused applications and programs, especially those that take up storage space but are not needed. In addition to consuming the capacity of the device, these applications are also the main cause of the battery draining faster than usual.

Deleting unused applications is essential that you should do at this time. Therefore, you should consider deleting these applications immediately or maybe there is a better alternative, such as using a web browser instead of downloading the Facebook app to your device.

To determine which apps are hogging your phone's memory. Go to Settings -> then select General -> select iPhone Storage -> select Uninstall unused apps -> finally click On .

The most effective way to free up iPhone space 2

Delete old text messages you don't need

Your mobile phone will experience stagnation if there are too many old messages stored on iCloud. Because then you will lose a fairly large amount of free space.

If you don't want to delete it manually, you can set it to automatic. At the specified time, your old messages are deleted.

To do this, go to Settings, then select Messages and then select Save message . Finally choose 30 days or 1 year if you want.

The most effective way to free up iPhone space 3

Now you have saved a lot of space on your phone without spending as much time doing it as before with this setting to automatically delete messages.

Turn off keeping the original image when shooting HDR

If you want a quality picture, HDR will help the device balance between dark and light. So there is no reason why you should keep the original photos.

You should turn off the feature to keep the original image to free up a part of your phone's memory. To perform this way of freeing up iPhone space, go to Settings -> then select Photos -> select Scroll down and select Camera -> finally turn off Save regular photos at the bottom.

The most effective way to free up iPhone space 4

Clear web browser cache

Caches will be generated when you browse the web in browsers. They are not very necessary and take up a lot of space on your device. How to clear the cache is as follows: first go to Settings -> select Safari and then select Clear history and website data and that's it.

The most effective way to free up iPhone space 5

Clear app cache

Many of you do not know, iPhone can erase data in applications. After a long period of operation, applications will generate a lot of garbage and take up most of the device's space.

The most effective way to free up iPhone space is to quickly clear the cache on the application. However, to do this, the device's capacity must be less than 2MB. Go to Settings -> then select General -> select iPhone Storage .

The most effective way to free up iPhone space 6

Right now, a new window appears, you will know which applications take up the most space. If you find the app you don't use, tap Delete App (everything related to the app will be deleted from the device).

The most effective way to free up iPhone space 7

Or if you just want to free up some space, then select Uninstall applications , documents and data will be kept. When you want, just go to the AppStore and download it.

The most effective way to free up iPhone space 8

Delete music on device

Most likely the cause of the device full of memory is the songs downloaded on Apple Music. According to article, devices with low memory should only listen to music online, only to save space. You go to Settings -> then select General -> select iPhone Storage .

Next, scroll up to find the Music application and click on it. Right now, you will see the song is available on Apple Music , just select a song and then swipe left to proceed with deletion.

The most effective way to free up iPhone space 9

Do not store offline reading lists

When there is no internet, you can still read offline. However, it will store all the information of the website so it consumes a lot of iPhone memory. Go to Settings -> find the Safari app . Here, you just need to turn off the Autosave offline feature .

The most effective way to free up iPhone space 10

Please perform this way to free up iPhone space immediately if your iPhone says full.

Using cloud services

You have a limited budget, so you have to choose an iPhone with low memory. So just install a few applications, take some pictures, the phone will notify you that the memory is full.

Therefore, many users choose cloud services to back up all the data they want such as photos, videos, etc. Google Driver, iCloud, Flickr are cloud storage services that you can refer to.

Above are the effective and fast ways to free up iphone space that article wants to share with you. Apply these ways to have more storage space and make your phone run more smoothly. Wishing you success.

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