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The most detailed way to download Google Meet to your laptop computer

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With this complicated epidemic period, most of you are at home and have to study and work online with your friends and colleagues. Therefore, many online learning and meeting applications are becoming more and more popular, and so is . To help you have a great experience with this Google Meet utility, the following article will share how to download Google Meet to your laptop in detail as well as how to use this application. Let's follow along.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet is an application developed by the publisher Google to replace Google Hangouts besides the Google Chat utility. Google Meet allows users with Google accounts to create online meetings lasting 60 minutes and with up to 100 participants to serve the needs of studying and working online at home.

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Moreover, Google Meet supports a lot of useful features for users in classrooms and meetings such as Screen Sharing, Q&A, Raise your hand, Polls.

In addition, you can schedule a meeting in advance as well as set reminders for participants when the meeting is about to take place. And you can limit, accept, and deny participants to an online call to increase the security of your meeting.

How to download Google Meet to your laptop

How to download Google Meet to your laptop is very simple, you just need to follow the steps below

Step 1 : Please visit the Google Meet homepage on Chrome Extension here.

Step 2 : Then, you select Add to Chrome to install the Google Meet extension on Chrome Extension.

Step 3 : You click to open the Meet Extension utility (the puzzle icon) in the upper right corner of the Google Chrome screen and use it.

Thus, you have installed the Google Meet utility for your computer and can completely use the functions of the application as usual.

How to download Google Meet to your laptop is so simple, isn't it!

How to create and share meeting rooms on Google Meet

You need to create and share classes and meeting rooms on Google Meet so that many other members can join you. Proceed as follows:

Step 1 : Log in to your personal Gmail on your computer, click on the dot icon in the upper right corner -> select Next to Meet .

Step 2 : Right now, the Google Meet interface will appear on the screen, select New Meeting .

Step 3 : Next, select Start an instant meeting .

Step 4 : Add members to the online classroom or meeting room.

There will be two ways for you to add members to your online classroom or meeting room.

Method 1 : You copy the link in the left frame to send the link to the members.

Method 2 : Click Add someone in the right corner.

Next, please enter the name or personal email of the person you want to add to the class, online meeting room -> Select send email .

How to join a Google Meet classroom

After successfully downloading the Google Meet application to your computer, you can join online classes and meeting rooms right away.

Step 1 : First, log in your personal email on your computer, then click on the dot icon in the upper right corner -> select Meet .

Step 2 : At this point, a window will appear on the screen, please paste the link or enter the class code, online meeting room that you have been shared by others and the Enter a code or link box -> Click on Join .

Step 3 : Check your microphone and camera before entering the classroom, online meeting room -> then click Join now (Or click Request to join).

Step 4 : To exit the classroom, online meeting room, you click on the phone icon in the middle of the two microphone and camera icons.

Classroom interface, meeting room has features such as:

  • Microphone on/off.
  • Turn on/off the camera or webcam.
  • Send Message.
  • Manage members to attend classes and online meetings.
  • View the list of participating members.
  • Screen sharing.
  • End of class and online meeting.

How to share screen in Google Meet

If you want to share the screen with another member in the Google Meet app, just do the following

Step 1 : Turn on the camera, open the microphone : In the classroom interface, the Google Meet meeting screen will display a message asking for permission to use your camera and microphone, just click Allow to be successful.

Step 2 : Share the screen : In the classroom interface, the meeting you click on Present immediately will appear 3 items that are Share your entire screen, One window, One tab on the screen. Chrome browser.

Step 3 : Here, article will select the item One window , then the screen will display all the windows that you are using. Next, click on a window you want to share and click the Share button .

Step 4 : If you want to share a tab on the Chrome web browser, here will display the pages you have open. Please click on the Page you want to share and then select the Share button .

Step 5 : To turn off screen sharing, just click Stop sharing in the bottom corner of the screen.

How to schedule online classes and meeting rooms on Google Meet

You can also schedule your classes, online meeting rooms to help members remember or create reminders for them to enter the classroom or meeting room on time.

Step 1 : First, open the Google Meet utility on your computer, select New meeting .

Step 2 : Then, select Schedule in Google Calendar .

Step 3 : You set a schedule to create online classes and meeting rooms on Google Meet.

Here, you can name and choose the time of the class, online meeting room.

Add location and notice about the time of classes, online meeting rooms.

Enter the email addresses of invited participants in the Guest section and edit the privacy of the activities that are dimmed in the Guest permissions section .

Step 4 : Next, click Save .

Step 5 : Click on Send to send invitations to other members.

To start classes, online meeting rooms, you can access the Google Meet application, paste the generated link or enter the code that is the characters after the phrase into the box Enter a code or path link .

You can also click on the class name, online meeting room in the main interface of the Google Meet application.

Thus, article has shared the most detailed way to download Google Meet to your laptop computer. Hopefully with the above sharing, you will have interesting experiences with this Google Meet utility! Do not hesitate, try to download and feel it right away.

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