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The easiest way to lock apps on Windows 10 computers

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Want to lock some apps so others don't disturb them? Or you simply want to secure your important applications. Windows 10 operating system currently has a lot of software that supports setting super secure passwords. Therefore, in the following article, will introduce the simplest way to on Windows 10 computers . Let's follow along.

How to lock applications on Windows 10 computers with Password Door

Password Door is a useful application lock software on Windows 10 computers and is chosen a lot because they are free. In addition, the Password Door tool also has strong security capabilities that no software can overcome.

Home page:

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Step 1 : First, you access the home page of the software to download Password Door and install it on your computer. During the installation process, please note the password setting in the last step.

Step 2 : After the installation is complete, please proceed to open the Password Door software to use. At the main interface, you need to enter the password created earlier during the installation process to open the software.

Step 3 : As soon as the main screen of Password Door appears on the screen, select Protect a Program to proceed to select the applications that you need to lock.

Step 4 : Next, please proceed to select the applications that need to be locked (if you select a lot, hold Ctrl until the selection is complete) and select Protect... to include in the lock list.

Step 5 : In the next setup window, proceed to enter the application name in the Program name section and keep the rest of the settings.

Step 6 : So you have finished locking the application on win 10 already. From now on, every time you open the applications in the lock list, you need to enter the password.

Step 7 : In case you want to change the settings, just open the Password Door and have the following items:

  • Add…: Add application/software to the lock list
  • Remove: Remove the application/software from the lock list
  • Modify: Change the name, path and security…
  • Disable: Disable application/software lock

How to lock applications on Windows 10 computers with My Lockbox

My Lockbox is specialized software used to lock files, folders, documents on Windows 10 operating system and they have the ability to lock applications.

Home page:

Step 1 : First, visit the homepage to download the My Lockbox software and install it on your computer.

Step 2 : After that, please proceed to open the My Lockbox software to use. Here, you will have the following settings:

  • Enter password: Application/software password
  • Confirm password: Re-enter the application/software password
  • Hint: Password Hint
  • E-mail address: Email address for recovery if you forget your password

Step 3 : After completing the settings, you will receive a notification window and just click OK to complete.

Step 4 : Next, you select Browse… to select the folder and application to lock (select the installation folder, which is usually located in the C:/ drive.

Step 5 : Like that, you have finished locking the application on Windows 10. Right now the application will be hidden from the computer screen.

To open the application, you just open My Lockbox and enter the password to see the locked applications.

Step 6 : In the folder window, you can also open all locked applications with My Lockbox software.

Thus, article has just shown you how to lock applications on Windows 10 computers quickly and simply. Hopefully with these shares, you have been able to secure the applications and software you want and not be afraid of others logging in. Wishing you success.

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