The cause of phone battery is swollen, dangers when the phone battery is swollen

Is swollen phone battery dangerous? This is a problem that a lot of people are concerned about because they can be harmful to the user.

Battery is an important factor on every smartphone, in addition to ensuring the machine works, the battery status will also determine the performance and smoothness of the device. The bulging battery is the result of using the smartphone incorrectly for a long time.

This phenomenon has a lot of potential to damage the machine and threaten the safety of the user. So what to do when you have a phone battery blistering?

The cause of phone battery is swollen dangers when the phone battery is swollen 600

Danger when your phone’s battery is swollen

Today smartphones all use Lithium Ion technology batteries with the advantage of this battery being a high energy storage density, no memory effects and low loss of damage. But the disadvantage of Lithium Ion batteries is the strong heat emission, because the cells are located close to each other and the battery cell is closer to the outer shell, and the entire battery is under pressure.

If the battery is swollen, it will cause overheating, shorten the life, the cells will release an electrolytic gas mixture that can cause explosion. This gas mixture is the cause of the phone battery swelling.

The cause of phone battery is swollen dangers when the phone battery is swollen 600 1

A swollen mobile phone battery creates the risk of fire and explosion, causing direct injury to the user. So if you notice any of the following, replace the battery immediately.

An indication that your phone’s battery is bottled

Depending on how heavy or light the battery is, the user can observe it without having to open the device to check it.

If the battery shows signs of swelling, you will feel the screen will be channeled up causing annoyance for users.

Fast charging time and quickly draining the battery during use or the phone suddenly power off is also one of the signs that the battery is at risk of swelling.

The cause of phone battery is swollen dangers when the phone battery is swollen 600 2

The cause of your phone battery becomes bloated

There are many reasons that cause the phone battery to be bottle or swollen. A few common causes are:

Use the phone for many hours until it power down

Use a bad quality phone charger.

Always leave the battery in a state of exhaustion, when the energy in the battery drops below 10%, chemical reactions will occur. These applications will gradually drain the energy in the battery, over time it will cause the battery to bottle down and shorten the life leading to the swelling of the battery.

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While charging the battery while using the phone for too long, this will cause the body temperature to rise and the temperature of the battery will heat up and shorten the battery’s durability.

If you use the battery for more than 12 months and over 500 times of charge and discharge, the blowout is very likely.

The phone battery has been replaced and used with a poor quality battery, not covered by warranty.

Those are common causes. So how to protect phone battery properly, how to fix the problem of phone battery swelling?

How to fix blistering of your phone battery

To overcome and reduce the problem of battery swelling, you need to keep in mind the following:

Do not let the battery be less than 10% low to start plugging in, only use original battery chargers and limit the overnight charge.

When the battery is swollen or damaged, do not continue using it because the battery protection mechanism is weak and may stop working. On the other hand, there are many dangers in the cell phone battery such as: Toxic substances, fire, explosion … Continued charging has been inflated can cause serious accidents.

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If your phone is a phone with a removable battery, you can easily remove the battery yourself. Care should be taken to remove the battery, to avoid damaging the outer casing, allowing the air in the battery to escape.

After removing the phone battery that has been swollen, you should not dispose of it around to avoid danger to others. Instead, take it to places where waste batteries can be received and disposed of.

When replacing a new battery in your phone, the most important thing to check is that the replacement battery is genuine, new. Using poor quality batteries could cause more damage to your phone.

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