Strengthen the Management Apparatus, Eliminate Overlap in Assignments and Tasks.

Quang Ninh province until 2010 and orientation to 2020" in the past period, from which to build and adjust strategies and policies as a basis for implementation orientation in the city.

- Review, amend and supplement legal documents related to solid waste, amend regulations on functions and tasks, and assign responsibilities of departments and units participating in solid waste management from city ​​level to commune ward level; Supplement regulations on solid waste management, instructions on classification and collection in the city.

- Integrate waste management plans and prioritized projects for solid waste management into the 2020 socio-economic development master plan, 2030 orientation, and aquaculture industry planning production and environmental planning in the city.

3.7.2. Strengthen the management apparatus, eliminate overlaps in assignments and responsibilities.

Adjusting the tasks, powers and responsibilities of relevant agencies and units in solid waste management in the area must ensure reasonableness, unify management focal points, avoid fragmentation and overlap. omitted, specifically:

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- Bringing the focal point of management and supervision from the Finance and Planning Department back to the Urban Management Department as the focal point, ensuring effective management and supervision in accordance with regulations.

- The implementation of the task of bringing collection and transportation to the environmental and urban construction joint stock company to avoid cross-planting is not as effective as currently (Hai Yen cooperative collects ward solid waste Hai Yen; Commune People's Committees establish commune and ward collection units)

Strengthen the Management Apparatus, Eliminate Overlap in Assignments and Tasks.

- The collection of environmental fees needs to be unified and brought to one implementing unit to avoid cross-contradiction as currently:

+ Urban Environment and Construction Joint Stock Company: 10,000 VND/household (Ka Long, Tran Phu, Hoa Lac wards)

+Hai Yen cooperative: 25,000 VND/household (Hai Yen ward)

+ People's Committees of remaining communes and wards: 20,000 VND-30,000 VND

It is proposed that the collection of environmental sanitation fees should be transferred to the People's Committees of communes and wards to act as the focal point for fee collection, ensuring a fee according to regulations, collecting fees thoroughly and ensuring effective improvement of tasks and rights of the people. .

- Review and supplement the staffing of officials working in environmental management from city to commune and ward levels, to strengthen the management and supervision of communes and wards in environmental management in general as well as work solid waste management in particular.

3.7.3. Accelerate the construction progress of solid waste treatment plants and relocate facilities causing environmental pollution.

- Accelerate the construction progress of the solid waste plant to ensure it is operational by June 2014, and synchronously deploy the plant items to ensure effective operation according to the design. First of all, we must ensure the roadmap to complete the factory infrastructure in 2013.

- Garbage burial must be carried out according to the correct process, overcoming the filling of exhaust pipes at the landfill, creating garbage collection trenches in accordance with the approved design documents, accelerating the completion progress. Wastewater treatment area in the project area. Prepare an operating manual for the km 26 landfill and conduct periodic environmental monitoring according to regulations

- Develop a plan to relocate facilities causing environmental pollution according to urban construction planning, specifically develop a plan and plan to relocate the landfill in Hai Hoa area 6 to a centralized treatment area in addition to ensuring Ensuring the progress of the Bac Luan II Bridge project also ensures handling the problem of pollution in residential areas around the landfill (planned dense residential area).

- Develop a plan to improve and restore the environment of the closed landfill area in area 6, Hai Yen ward.

3.7.4. Classification of household solid waste.

- Proposing to develop a plan to classify waste at source into two main groups:

+ Group 1: easily decomposable organic waste, mainly food waste

+ Group 2: includes all remaining types

Thus, after classification, we can recover a large amount of recyclable and reusable materials.

3.7.5. Collection and transportation

- Proposal to collect feces into 02 separate systems:

+ System specializing in organic waste collection

+ System for collecting remaining types

- In addition to collection on main roads, it is necessary to increase collection in small alleys to ensure thorough collection of waste generated in the city.

- Develop a project to collect waste generated from commercial activities on the border river (Bac Luan - Ka Long), bringing waste management for this area to the River Management Board to perform the function. monitor.

- Review gathering points (rendezvous points) on the basis of ensuring urban aesthetics that do not pollute the surrounding environment, study relocating gathering points at market 3, at Hoa Hong kindergarten with markings. signs of people's frustration.

- Invest in collection equipment and containers for organic waste and other waste in the city. Especially urban areas.

3.7.6. Reduce, reuse, recycle

- Strengthen the reduction of industrial, domestic, commercial and service solid waste by measures such as: encouraging sustainable consumption, changing solid waste discharge behavior...,

- Increase reuse and recycling of solid waste: reuse household activities to the maximum extent, promote the reuse of industrial waste and be cautious in reusing medical solid waste

Programs need to be approved through the communication system, science and technology application topics, and inspections of the city's environmental work, thereby promoting reduction and recycling. , Reuse

3.7.7. Develop mechanisms and policies on solid waste management

- Develop coordination regulations between departments and localities, have regular training plans to discuss outstanding issues in solid waste management to improve the effectiveness of strict supervision in the work. management of industrial waste, medical waste, domestic waste... in the city

- Develop a solid waste management mechanism between state management agencies and businesses providing solid waste collection, transportation and treatment services in the area.

- Develop a plan to implement the Province's solid waste management planning. Review, update, and propose additional adjustments to the solid waste management planning in Quang Ninh province;

3.7.8. Enhance community awareness.

- Attract the community to participate in waste management, strengthen the community's role in waste management through annual environmental holiday events, and implement support mechanisms so that people have opportunities Participate in community-based waste management models. Encourage the community to participate in the waste separation program at source to produce compost.

- Disseminate information to the community through a system of loudspeakers in communes and wards, through reports and news articles on solid waste management and waste treatment and destruction solutions. It is necessary to carry out activities to raise public awareness about the harmful effects caused by improper waste management as well as the responsibility of people to pay for better waste management services.

- Develop a community education program to design the program to suit each target audience such as people, students at all levels... to provide basic knowledge about hygiene, creative ideas and practice of socialization programs to transfer part of the responsibility for waste management to community groups.

3.7.9. International cooperation in solid waste management.

- To take advantage of opportunities to access ODA capital for the Government of Vietnam in addition to attracting ODA capital from the Kingdom of Belgium in investment work

The City's centralized wastewater treatment system needs to take advantage of attracting this capital source in the field of investment in waste treatment.

- Continuously exchange and work with the Delegation of Dongxing City of China to improve the effectiveness of cooperation on border environmental protection, especially related to solid waste management.


1. Conclusion:

During the process of researching the thesis topic, I evaluated the current status of solid waste management in Mong Cai city as well as forecast the amount of solid waste generated by 2020 to serve the operation phase. operation of the solid waste treatment plant in village 5, Quang Nghia commune, specifically:

- The unit directly performing the task of collecting and treating household solid waste is the Urban Environment and Construction Joint Stock Company. The average volume of daily solid waste collection is 82 tons/day. There are 34 transfer points in the city. The city has 03 landfills, household solid waste is currently processed at landfill km 26 - Quang Nghia Commune. It is forecast that by 2020, domestic solid waste will generate 163.8 tons/day

Construction progress and relationship of the solid waste treatment plant at km 26 of Quang Nghia commune with the solid waste management situation of Mong Cai city.

- Location of the treatment plant in village 5, Quang Nghia commune. The factory uses high-speed aerobic biotechnology in an automatic, closed equipment system to produce high-quality organic biofertilizers, with a designed waste supply of 150 tons/shift/day, during peak days. The factory can run at maximum capacity of 300 tons/day.

Domestic solid waste in the city generates about 82 tons/day. When the factory comes into operation, it will meet 54.7% of the designed supply.

Considering the city's administrative boundaries, by 2020 phase I of the plant will still be enough to meet treatment needs without needing to increase capacity.

Organic matter contained in domestic solid waste accounts for 60.7%, so choosing this technology completely meets practical needs.

2. Recommendation:

With the current rapid rate of urbanization, the city needs to invest resources to solve existing problems related to management.

solid waste like today. Building a factory with modern advanced technology to meet the needs of the City requires accelerating the construction progress of the factory to ensure completion in 2014.

For landfills currently in use, it is recommended that the City People's Committee direct the direct management unit to develop an operating manual to overcome the consequences caused by filling the exhaust pipes at the landfill with garbage. Build wastewater and surface water drainage ditches according to design and regulations. It is necessary to strengthen supervision at landfills to avoid the situation of manufacturing facilities dumping expired products.

Pay attention to allocating capital resources to invest in solid waste classification container systems as well as additional solid waste collection equipment.

Review the team of officials working on environmental work from city to commune and ward levels, and divide the responsibilities of management staff. Strengthen the environmental team at commune and ward levels. In particular, it is necessary to bring the focal point of management and supervision from the Finance - Planning department to the urban management department in accordance with regulations, ensuring supervision quality.

Develop regulations to coordinate with departments and agencies in environmental inspection in general and solid waste in particular.

Regularly organize training classes for officials working on environmental work in general as well as open seminars at village, commune and ward levels so that people are aware of the importance and sense of responsibility in management work. general solid waste.

Develop an implementation plan closely following the solid waste management planning of Quang Ninh province. Integrate priority projects related to waste management in the development planning of border-gate economic zones and industry plans under construction...

Due to lack of experience and knowledge, the project inevitably has limitations and shortcomings. We look forward to receiving comments from teachers and friends./.


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