Stormgain AI trading signals support free trading

In today's article, you and I are in the "AI Signals on Stormgain exchange support free trading" section to help newcomers easily refer to the free signals available on Stormgain exchange.

You can watch my StormGain trading tutorial video below:

And see the detailed instructions on how to trade StormGain in the article section below:

Stormgain is an underrated exchange. However you can sign up to try it out. If talking about the best rated exchange today is Binance. Sign up here to experience a lot of features that other exchanges don't have.

1. Introducing AI signals on Stormgain exchange for free trading

StormGain provides free trading signals developed by StormGain experts to assist investors and Traders.

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With the use of AI technology, StormGain experts use various analysis techniques, including chart analysis, the use of various indicators, technical analysis and news to generate trading signals. Translate.

Investors and Traders receive trading signals every few hours. From a risk management perspective, providing accurate stop loss and take profit levels is invaluable. StormGain experts have 70% accuracy in forecasting (but I'm not sure this number will be correct in the future, so let's test it together)

2. Steps to refer to Stormgain's AI signal

Step 1: Download the StormGain App on your phone and log in to your account after you have successfully registered from the previous article (note that you should register for an account via Link here , Stormgain will give you more priority signals.)

Step 2: Go to Trading section . You notice that any Coin pair with a green Signal Logo next to the coin pair is that coin pair that is supported by the exchange. You enter and select the Coin that is supported by the signal you want to consult the order

Stormgain AI trading signals support free trading 1

Step 3: Select Signal to Sell/Buy  like the example below to see how the AI ​​command suggests

Stormgain AI trading signals support free trading 2

Step 4: AI floor Stormgain will suggest you to Sell / Short or Buy / Long, at the current price, what is the potential profit, how much profit and stop loss, how much margin leverage. If you agree to use Signal, then select Use Signal 

Stormgain AI trading signals support free trading 3

Step 5: Here there are 2 modes:

  • Pending (which is the type of Limit Order explained above): an order to buy / sell at a specific price.
  • Market (which is the type of Market Order explained above): 1 order to buy / sell at market price

You can edit the price , profit , Stop loss , Amount to Invest if you want like the example below and then choose Confirm Buy/Sell

Stormgain AI trading signals support free trading 4

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