Some tips to increase the experience when using iPhone you may not know

Some of the tips shared right here will make your experience on iPhone better than ever.

There are many articles that have been shared to give you some useful tips when using iPhone. However, capturing and updating with many new tips will help you make better use of your iPhone. Let’s explore now.

Share a screenshot now

Maybe you are interested!

Normally, we take a screenshot, wait for it to be saved to the photo library, and then click share via AirDrop or someone. This is very time consuming, especially for those who regularly share screenshots for work.

Instead, after taking the shot, the photo preview will be in the bottom left corner of the screen, press and hold on the thumbnail . Now share sheet appears and you can immediately share the screenshot using AirDrop or other apps. All operations performed without leaving the application you are currently using, is fast and simple, right?

Use a calculator with more calculations

By default, the iOS calculator app will display a limited number of digits with some simple calculations. However as long as rotates the screen, a series of new calculations will be displayed such as square root, sine function, cos, tan, … giving you more calculation options.

Automatic translation

This feature is updated by Apple for iOS 14. With Automatic Translate, you can translate a word into another language right on your iPhone without needing a 3rd party application like Google Translate, … just double click on the word you want to translate> Lookup , the meaning of the word will appear immediately.

Above are some small tips that are martial, hopefully will help you have more great experiences with your iPhone. Wish you success.

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