Side Cutting Pliers, Industrial Pliers with Wire Stripper/Crimper/Cutter Function, Heavy Duty Plier, 8 inch NEWACALOX

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Side Cutting Pliers Industrial Pliers With Wire Stripper Crimper Cutter Function Heavy Duty Plier 8 Inch Newacalox

Cutting Industrial Stripper Function Newacalox 1Cutting Industrial Stripper Function Newacalox 2Cutting Industrial Stripper Function Newacalox 3Cutting Industrial Stripper Function Newacalox 4Cutting Industrial Stripper Function Newacalox 5Cutting Industrial Stripper Function Newacalox 6

What's this pliers can do? 
√ Stripping Wire:Get the job done right with this wire strippers function ; induction
hardened cutting edge stays sharp longer.
√ Cutting Wire:High quality blade performs efficient cutting.
√Cutting pliers:sturdy and works well.
√hammer: heavy enough as a hammer if needed.

What advantage do this pliers have? 

Why choose our pliers? 
Fast, easy stripping with easeful-grip handles. 
More sharp with the blades. 
More hard with the jaws. 
Easier to control with the non slip handle.
The most important is used the better steel to make the pliers for a longer life.
Easy handling insulate grips comfortable for operation ,convenient to use 
Special suitable for cut wire, electronic feet, trimming plastic products, cut a small metal wire.

- Save more 5% on this item when you purchase 1 or more newaclox tools offered by NEWACALOX.Ideal for removing stripped or special screws and bolts of larger sizes
- Multifunctional: This tool can be used as wire stripper also works as a wire cutter,paper cutter
- PP+TPR materials handle,proTouch grips provide extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue.
- Durable nickel chromium steel construction,Induction hardened cutting blades for improved strength and durability.

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    24 February, 2020

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    19 February, 2020

    Connor Wilson

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    20 February, 2020

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