Should I buy a MacBook M1?

Super powerful performance, cool, quiet operation, all-day battery life … are compliments for the MacBook M1 that we can see everywhere.

But is it true that the MacBook M1 is so great that it has all the advantages and no significant downsides? Let’s find out right away.

Should i buy a macbook m1 1580

Buy a MacBook M1, what can we get?

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Wait to talk about how strong or weak performance is, the first thing we see when Apple switches to the MacBook M1 is that there is no longer a high or low processor option like Intel. We just need to choose RAM and storage that suit our needs. Even between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro and the Mac mini there is no longer the distinction between high-performance, power-efficient and super-energy-efficient processors.

Should i buy a macbook m1 1580 1

Assuming the Apple processor has more than enough power to replace the previous Intel Core i7 configuration, while the price is equivalent to the base configuration of the previous year, it is clear that the MacBook M1 is an option. There is a good price.

Next, one thing is for sure the MacBook M1 is cooler than Intel. This has been tested by many technology sites around the world. Even with the MacBook Air, even without a fan, the machine still works normally, no different from a phone or tablet.

Should i buy a macbook m1 1580 2

Cooler means longer battery life. Apple claims the battery life of the MacBook M1 is almost double that of the Intel MacBook. Actual tests from reputable technology sites show that MacBook M1 easily pass a working day with many tasks from light to heavy.

Back to performance, when launching M1, Apple showed off its chip x times more powerful than Intel CPU, integrated graphics y times stronger … The actual performance score tests also prove that. . But wait, this performance is only really strong for applications that have been optimized for ARM scripts, most of which are from Apple such as Final Cut, Safari web browser …

Choose the MacBook M1, what do we lose?

Strong performance, all-day battery, cool, no longer have to choose i3, i5 i7. Heard it seems very ideal. But you must also be alert to accurately assess actual usage needs. The MacBook M1 itself, no matter how well Apple does, it is still very primitive.

In terms of performance, as mentioned above, M1 is powerful, but its strength is only really promoted on optimized applications. Most of the other software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere … and a lot of software must still run through the Rosetta 2 simulation software.

Should i buy a macbook m1 1580 2

Intel has many years of experience with integrated graphics optimization making it easy to export several separate monitors. Meanwhile, Apple’s ARM chip for a long time, no matter how powerful, is still only used with a single screen with a resolution not exceeding 3K (Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad …). So it is not too surprising that the MacBook M1 can not output multiple screens nor does it work smoothly with too high resolution screens.

Next, the current M1 processor only supports up to 16GB of RAM, so for professional users it is not currently possible.

One more thing, it’s easy to see that Apple still sells high-end Intel 13-inch MacBook Pro, Intel version MacBook mini. That means that Apple is not completely confident in its new product.

In short, choose Intel or choose M1?

If your needs are very basic, just web browsing, basic image editing, some office applications and no need to use with a high resolution discrete screen then the MacBook M1 is a The option is worth a try at the reasonable price, the long battery life, the strong performance.

Should i buy a macbook m1 1580 4

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But if you need to use many different applications, software, need stability, need more than 16GB of RAM, or you simply want something safe, then you should still choose a MacBook equipping Intel processors until Apple basically perfects the transition from Intel to ARM.