Should buy Asus laptop? Asus laptop reviews

Is Asus laptop good and should you buy an Asus laptop? Let’s answer these questions in the article below!

How good is the Asus Laptop?

ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated (Asus) is a multinational corporation established since 1989 in Taiwan. Asus brand is famous for smart electronics such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, … So let’s evaluate good Asus laptop through the aspects below.

1. Varied, creative design in design

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ASUS brand has always focused on researching products to meet the diverse needs of users, resulting in a variety of computers such as:

  • ASUS VIVOBOOK universal laptop series: Possessing a simple design, suitable for a large number of users for study and work.
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Asus laptops meet the diverse needs of all users

  • ASUS ROG and ASUS TUF GAMING series laptops are a gaming laptop dedicated to gamers: Eye-catching designed, equipped with the best cooling technology, optimized configuration, well meet the gaming needs of gamers.
  • ASUS ZENBOOK for business laptops: Extremely luxurious appearance from premium materials, modern technology and powerful configuration.
  • 2-in-1 smart laptops – VivoBook Flip, Transformer Book, ZenBook Flip: The perfect combination between a tablet and a laptop, transforms quickly with just a 360-degree turn, small size easy to move.
  • Impressive, realistic visual experience

Review Asus laptop is good definitely cannot ignore the experience of screen images with HD resolution (1366 x 768) for images displayed sharp, realistic and Good viewing angle. Asus screen size varies from 11.6 – 15.6 inches to 17.3 inches.

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Experience a screen image with HD resolution

2. Vivid sound

Asus does not hesitate to equip proprietary audio technologies such as SonicMaster and AudioWizard on its laptops to make the sound clear and clearer.

Users can also customize professional sound modes such as: True-to-life Surround, Deep and richer bass (increase the bass and deeper), Powerful Volume (increase volume level while ensuring the quality) … provides a quality sound experience suitable for many different positions and environments.

3. ASUS is constantly innovating

ASUS is the “father” that invented the TrackPoint known as the highly regarded pointer control device. The company also released WRITEit software that recognizes handwriting instead of typing on the keyboard with a specialized pen. Asus laptops also feature a G-Sync display option, which helps keep images from shattering and reduces image lag.

4. Competitive price

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Asus laptops are competitively priced

Should I buy an Asus laptop?

A plus point of ASUS laptops is their versatile, thin, light design, convenient to carry on the go. The device is also equipped with high configuration, durable components, good battery capacity for long battery life. In particular, ASUS offers a laptop warranty of up to 2 years. Compared with many products in the price segment, ASUS laptops are highly appreciated for their durability and worthy of the first choice when buying a laptop.

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ASUS series of laptops are all in a variety of slim, light designs

However, ASUS laptops still have some disadvantages with low-cost laptops in terms of speaker life and hinge is not appreciated. Although the machine configuration is equipped with high equipment and variety of features, the selling price of business laptops is still higher than some brands.

So with the above analysis to partly help users who are looking to buy ASUS laptop to evaluate good Asus laptop , this is one of 8 best laptop brands currently now that you can refer. Hope each user will feel, rate and decide to buy the product like best for him.