Should be updated regularly Android OS?

Having updating Android OS regularly will improve, speed up your Android phone . However, not all users know how to self-update Android , even many people are concerned that updating the operating system will lose data on the device. So in the following article will guide in detail how to perform for users to refer.

Should Android OS be updated?

When it comes to updating Android phones, many users can’t help but feel confused and wondering whether to upgrade to latest Android update or not.

Should be updated regularly android os 544

Update new OS for Android phone

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In fact, updating a new operating system brings many benefits such as:

  • Stable device operation, give better experience.
  • Improve your device’s photography performance.
  • Increase efficiency using your phone battery .
  • Update security features.
  • New Features Added.
  • Automatically fix minor system errors.

Have you lost any data in operating system updates?

Will OS update lose data is a question of great concern to many people. In order to ensure the safety of data on Android devices , users should create a backup before upgrading the system, avoiding information loss.

In fact, no matter which method of Android system update you choose, you need to make a backup of all important data before upgrading, in case something goes wrong. . Unfortunately the data is lost and you do not create a backup first, you can get back the lost data very quickly.

Should be updated regularly android os 544 1

It is recommended to make backups before upgrading your system

How to update Android OS

In order to be able to update Android OS, everyone can refer to and choose how to update Android OS accordingly.

1. Update Android OS with OTA update

By performing an Andorid OS update this way, everyone needs to be sure to follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Connect your Android phone to the wifi network.

Step 2: Go to Settings> About device> System Updates> Check for Updates> Update to download and Install the latest Android version.

Your Android phone will then automatically start up and upgrade when the installation is complete.

Should be updated regularly android os 544 2

Use OTA updates

2. Upgrade Android OS with root device

Rooting an Android device is one of the powerful approaches to upgrading Android phone OS. Users can try to root Android phone and upgrade the system according to the detailed instructions below:

Step 1: Download and install any root application on your computer.

Should be updated regularly android os 544 3

Root Android phone and system upgrade

Step 2: Run the downloaded root application and connect to your Android phone using a USB cable.

Step 3: Root Android phone follow the detailed instructions on it.

Step 4: Reboot your phone to update to the latest Android version.Overall, to update to the latest Android OS users You can choose one of the two options above.

Updating the operating system of the phone is necessary because the benefits that it brings are very practical, users can optimize the efficiency of using the device better.