Beethoven composer’s hair has 42 times the lead of ordinary people, the mysterious skull of Goya artist is missing …

Secrets of the body parts of geniuses

Composer Haydn is buried with two skulls

According to Live Science, eight days after his death, Haydn was robbed of a skull. A thief who wanted to study his skull should be stolen and taken to Vienna, Austria General Hospital. Here, Haydn’s skull is bleached, cleaned for research.

Later, the police found the skull and brought it back to Haydn’s body, but they only received a fake skull.

Before he died, the thief told the truth and transferred Haydn’s real skull to the authorities. Currently, Haydn is buried with two skulls: one by himself and one from another.

Beethoven composer’s hair contains a lot of lead

Before his death, the health of genius composer Beethoven was very bad. He suffered from severe stomach pain, eye infection, kidney stones, mood swings.

After his death, a lock of his hair was found in 1994. Studies show that this strand of hair contains 42 times more lead than normal hair. Curls are being kept at the Library of Congress, USA.

Lead can cause abdominal pain, mood swings, and even hearing loss.

The skull of the mysterious missing artist Goya

Spanish artist Francisco Goya died in 1828 and was buried in France. 73 years later, the Spanish government moved his remains to his homeland. Suddenly they found two bones and a skull in his grave.

Scientists conclude that one of the skeletons is Goya’s, and the skull is not. Currently, Goya’s headless remains are buried in the church of St. Anthony in the Spanish capital.

Special brain structure of physicist Einstein

After Einstein died, Dr. Thomas Harvey stole his brain to study. Harvey cut the brain into small pieces and cold storage.

A 2011 study showed that the corpus callosum in Einstein’s brain was very thick. This is the area connecting the left and right hemispheres, creating a smooth coordination between the two hemispheres of the brain.

Secrets of the body parts of geniuses
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