Samsung officially launched the Galaxy Z Fold 2

Galaxy Z Fold 2 is Samsung’s third-generation folding device, with a stunning and bold design and refined engineering, delivering a class that transcends the boundaries of the mobile experience. Usually.

Samsung officially launched the galaxy z fold 2 277

Samsung today announced the newest device in the groundbreaking foldable segment, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 . Equipped with advanced enhancements, the Galaxy Z Fold2 brings a new folding screen experience to those who love using state-of-the-art technology. With a wider external screen and a super large Home screen, the Galaxy Z Fold2 is a combination of flawless design, perfectly crafted craftsmanship and an intuitive interface, providing a unique and flexible mobile experience. for everyday life.

Samsung officially launched the galaxy z fold 2 277 1

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Dr. TM Roh, General Manager and Business Director of Mobile Communications, Samsung Electronics said: “Our journey to reach the next generation of mobile phones has gone through a lot of breakthroughs and creativity. With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, we have listened to feedback, comprehensive hardware improvements, and added touches to enhance the user experience. Plus, through partnerships with market leaders like Google and Microsoft, we are reshaping, and defining the possibilities of, the future of the mobile device experience. “

Exquisite new design

The Galaxy Z Fold2 has a bold design that goes hand in hand with top-of-the-line specifications, so that users can be proud of using their phone every day.

Full and immersive content experience – 6.2 inch Infinity-O external display has an optimized display area to help you check email, look up directions or even view your favorite content without having to open your phone. When unfolded, the 7.6-inch super-large home screen is designed with exquisite thin bezels, plus a 120 Hz screen refresh rate that immerses you while surfing your phone and playing games. To further complete this experience, the Galaxy Z Fold2 comes with the most vibrant sound system available on all Galaxy devices ever. With enhanced stereo effect, sound is emitted clearer through the dual speakers fitted to the unit.

Samsung officially launched the galaxy z fold 2 277 2

Solid design and finely crafted – Galaxy Z Fold2 is renewed with a sleek and unified look, delivering a premium feel. The ultra-thin Samsung Ultra Thin Glass gives the Home Screen a special and refined feel. A special hidden hinge secures the device, seamlessly connects the body through the CAM mechanism, allowing the phone to stand freely, reinforcing all experiences in a new mode called Flex mode. The Galaxy Z Fold2 also uses scanning technology first introduced on the Galaxy Z Flip, to repel dirt in the gap between the camera body and hinged housings.

Samsung officially launched the galaxy z fold 2 277 3

Because the third generation Galaxy Z Fold2 has a particularly sophisticated design, the space for the scanning bar is even a lot smaller than the Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung successfully developed this new scanning technology in a smaller space, but still achieved a similar level of protection. The hidden hinge of the Galaxy Z Fold2 applies revolutionary thin cutting technology with a change in the fiber composition of the modified fiber and the fiber density is significantly reduced.

Personalize to match your style – To differentiate and stand out for Galaxy Z Fold2 owners, Samsung is offering an online service to customize Galaxy Z Fold2 your Fold2 in four distinct Hidden Hinge colors – Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, Metallic Red and Metallic Blue. Now you can create the all-new Galaxy Z Fold2 to complement your unique style, add personality, uniqueness to premium designs.

Capture and review the exact moment you want

The folding factor and sophisticated design are taken to a new level to create a unique mobile experience on the Galaxy Z Fold2. The phone combines Flex mode with the App Continuity app, which expands usability, crossing the line between the External Display and the Home Display. Flexibility allows you to create or view content organized according to your preference, whether or not the screen is folded.

Samsung officially launched the galaxy z fold 2 277 3
  • A versatile and productive device high – With Flex mode, capturing and reviewing images at the same time is now easy more than ever. You will no longer exit the Camera app once you have Capture View Mode. You can view the captured photo or video clearly, or view up to five most recent photos on the bottom half of the phone, and preview pictures prepared on the top half of the phone. Or you can even enhance your creativity with Auto framing and auto framing. Whether you’re dancing to the latest dance on social media or showcasing your culinary skills, the Galaxy Z Fold2 can capture every moment with object retention even when the subject moves.
  • Creative Support Features – Review content by combining both the photographer’s perspective and the subject’s perspective. Using the Home and External Monitor with Dual Preview at the same time, both the photographer and the photographed can see what is being captured at the same time. What’s more, thanks to the versatility of the Galaxy Z Fold2, you can take high-quality selfies with the rear camera cluster, and view the currently captured image on the External Display.
  • Flagship camera features – The Galaxy Z Fold2’s camera offers top-notch image quality. With Pro Video, Single Take, Bright Night and Night Mode photography modes, Galaxy Z Fold2 helps you to capture every moment with the best quality.

Optimize every moment

Galaxy Z Fold2 adjusts productivity for the next generation of mobile phones with enhanced multitasking capabilities thanks to a new intuitive way of interaction. Make the most of your day by adjusting the Galaxy Z Fold2’s tablet-sized Home Screen to your work style.

Samsung officially launched the galaxy z fold 2 277 5
  • Power Multitasking New – Using advanced Multi-Active Window for easy and flexible screen layout control more active. It becomes productive when you can open multiple files at the same time and view them side by side through a single application. The improved Multi-Window Tray feature allows multiple applications to be opened at the same time, along with the integration of App Pair and Edge Panel, for comfortable enjoyment. With drag and drop, you can simply drag text, images or documents from one application to another and send them instantly. Plus, with Split Screen Capture, you can also quickly capture screenshots in one app and seamlessly transfer captured images to another.
  • Optimized App Interaction – Choose a Home Screen optimized UI that best suits your needs. You can quickly and easily switch themes from large screen layouts to traditional phone layouts in Settings.
  • Optimize app display – Optimize every moment of your daily life and enhance your viewing experience in your favorite apps, like Gmail, YouTube and Spotify. You can use the Home screen with the Office apps in Microsoft 365, exactly like the tablet experience. For example, Microsoft Outlook can be used with an optimal interface by arranging the inbox display on the left side and the current messages section on the right. Edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations with the same organized toolbar as on your PC.