Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 reviews part 3

The movement tracking of Galaxy Watch 3

Obviously the Galaxy Watch 3 is designed for everyday use rather than a focus on movement like the Active series. Even so, it still comes with some of the most modern motion tracking features available. Except for normal movement tracking, automatic sports activity detection and heart rate monitoring, the Watch 3 is also equipped with advanced sleep monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring (SpO2). and VO2 Max. In addition, the Watch 3 also has the feature to automatically make an emergency call when it detects a user falls, similar to the Apple Watch.

I am not too much of a campaigner to accurately judge the reliability of these features on the Watch 3. But previous Galaxy Watch models received a lot of criticism for their poor accuracy. During use, I had a little trouble using the SpO2 measurement, about 1/2 the time could not be measured, and the step counter was about 20-25% lower than the Fitbit Inspire HR bracelet. I use it in my other hand at the same time.

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The bottom of the Galaxy Watch 3 is a heart rate sensor.

Improved sleep tracking is also less useful. Samsung is turning to “scoring” instead of judging how well your sleep is working, based on the length of each sleep cycle. According to my tests, the Watch 3 automatically detects when to sleep and wake up very accurately. My sleep quality score never exceeded 50, however, while the Fitbit Inspire HR bracelet consistently rated quality above 80. Sleep tracking isn’t absolutely science and these wearables lack. a lot of parameters about the factors that influence your sleep. Therefore, we do not need to take the analysis too seriously. And finally, the Watch 3 is too large and cumbersome, so it can be uncomfortable for users to wear while sleeping. I think a lot of people will be fine with it, but I’d rather sleep with bracelet-type devices.

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The watch face is pre-installed on Galaxy Watch 3.

In this article, you will probably find that I spend most of my time evaluating and comparing the Watch 3 with its elder devices. The reason for this is because the Watch 3 doesn’t have too many new features to recommend. Samsung has made improvements to some of the sides, and the Watch 3 also has a sleeker look, as well as better performance than the Galaxy Watch. But the Galaxy Watch 3 is still lacking in some ways and hasn’t really changed the experience on a new generation smartwatch. Hence, the Watch 3 cannot be viewed as a generational leap.

Another issue that you also need to pay attention to is the price of the Galaxy Watch 3. The lowest price for the 41mm Bluetooth version is much higher than the Active 2, while the two lines have quite a lot of similar features. . Although the Galaxy Watch 3 has a stainless steel body, physical rotation … but it is not really suitable for the price difference quite a lot.

Hopefully in the future, Samsung will launch a new smartwatch with more significant improvements over the Galaxy Watch 3, such as higher battery life, adding a few more modern features … But for By then, Samsung is doing quite well in the smartwatch segment and the Galaxy Watch 3 is its best product so far.

Photo: Dan Seifert/The Verge