Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 reviews part 2

Performance Galaxy Watch 3

Similar to previous generations, Galaxy Watch 3 has a simple interface that makes it easy to swipe or scroll between pages. Galaxy Watch 3 has the same processor as Active 2 and is equipped with 1GB of RAM (bigger than Active 2). Additionally, the internal memory is twice as large (8GB) so you can store more songs on the watch.

Compared to devices running Wear OS, the Galaxy Watch 3 is much faster and easier to use, its performance comparable to that of an Apple Watch. Running third-party apps on the watch might take a little while, but with Samsung apps and available features loaded very quickly and can provide most of the information you need.

Samsung advertises its device with “up to 2 days” battery life, but in my practical experience it’s only about a day and a half. And if I use exercise tracking, the battery life is even shorter. You can increase battery life by turning off the screen always on feature and turning on battery saver to deactivate some features, but if you do, the smartwatch will have nothing but time. .

In general, you still have to charge your Galaxy Watch 3 every day, or maybe a little longer. This makes the sleep management feature difficult to be very useful because of the convenient time it takes to charge, especially when you go to bed. Charging is also very slow, it will take more than 2 hours to fully charge the Watch 3. The fast charging feature is storming the smartphone, but it is not yet applied on watches.

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You will spend most of your time using Samsung’s built-in apps as there are quite a few compatible third-party apps.


Samsung smartwatches all use its Tizen OS operating system for many years. Tizen OS’s interface design fits well with the watch’s modest screen size and layout, as well as easy-to-see notifications. Messages application will not be able to display good images or special characters and message history. In addition, Watch 3 also has a number of new gestures such as: turn off the alarm or incoming call by shaking your wrist or holding and opening your hand to answer the call. Both of the above gestures work fine in practice.

Another Samsung difficulty is the number of apps that are compatible. There is currently no genuine map app for the Watch 3, the recommended app on the Samsung app store is extremely bad. On the other hand, if you don’t save to-do lists in Samsung’s Reminder app but use a different app, then you can hardly find an app that can manage them on your Watch 3. But overall if you need to find a specific app then there’s a big chance the Watch 3 doesn’t. And you will have to spend most of your time using the number of apps that come pre-installed on your device.

Positive to say, the available apps are pretty good, except for the map app. Available applications such as calendar, weather, Outlook, messages, Spotify (with music download to watch), Samsung Health, timer, countdown, alarm, world clock, recording, Samsung Pay and some other applications.

If you are using a Samsung phone then you already have most of the apps that help Watch 3 function to its full potential. If you use other Android phones, you’ll have to install a few more apps and services to use all the Watch 3’s features, including activity tracking and air-payments. This is really a minus point because it brings trouble to the user, Samsung can completely group it all into a single application. If you’re hoping to use the Galaxy Watch 3 with an iPhone, one good piece of advice is: don’t. The messaging app’s performance is poor and the Watch 3 has even more limited features than it does on an Android device, it’s best to buy an Apple Watch for iPhone.

Regarding the ability to customize the watch face, Samsung has done some good things, but there are also bad ones. Some of the good points of the Galaxy Watch 3 like Apple’s Infograph display that allows you to customize a traditional watch face or a digital watch face with various information, an animated weather display can automatically updates based on time and location… Galaxy Apps Store also offers thousands of third-party watch face models that you can download and use.

However, most of the watch faces developed by third parties are of poor quality, I spent an hour looking at them but could not find any suitable. Also, some custom watch faces provided by Samsung are limited by model. The confusing point is that some watch faces offer more customization than others and do not support third-party customization. Therefore, it is difficult to find a suitable choice for both your taste and the information to display.

Finally, both Google’s Wear OS and Apple Watch have built-in virtual assistants that work relatively quickly and efficiently, which is useful for sending voice messages, setting timers, Smart home controls and more without having to touch the watch. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Watch 3 is still dependent on the Bixby virtual assistant. In case you didn’t know then Bixby is a Samsung virtual assistant and it’s very boring with slow response speed, inconsistency and limited ability. For example, when I use my voice to order the timer while cooking, with Bixby to set the timer for 2 minutes it takes 20 seconds to confirm and start to count the timer, it is completely ineffective. results when I need an accurate timer. As a result, I have completely omitted the voice control feature on the Galaxy Watch 3 to save time.

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The Galaxy Watch 3 is equipped with some new movement tracking features.

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