Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 reviews part 2

Hardware configuration: Snapdragon 865+ is too powerful

There is no need to discuss too much about the power story of the Snapdragon 865+ chip, the biggest advantage from this chip is probably the stability, which is almost like Qualcomm Snapdragon is doing the best today.

“Stability” is an extremely important factor when handling tasks, and the name Snapdragon 865+ is a testament to that. Users will not have to worry about lag during work.

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For the processing requirements such as documents, Excel files, … Galaxy Tab S7 series can completely satisfy. Even editing images from RAW files to export and use them immediately is also done very “smoothly” on this tablet.

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For video editing that requires editing techniques with many difficult effects, due to platform limitations, users can only use Tab S7 series to basically “post-production” the video and continue. Edit more carefully on PC. But if you just edit, collage, insert simple effects using applications like In Shot, … then Tab S7 series with Snapdragon 865+ can completely meet.

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With this chip with 6GB RAM, Galaxy Tab S7 series is enough to “weigh” almost every mobile game available on CH Play app store, It can be seen, not only work but Galaxy Tab S7 series is also a great entertainment aid.

S Pen: The final piece of the puzzle

Galaxy Tab S7 series was created to serve a wide variety of users, from those demanding office work, to mobile gamers or users specializing in content creation.

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And also because of that, the S Pen becomes an indispensable part to make the Tab S7 series perfect when it can satisfy most users.

If you are just an office worker, the S Pen is considered not too valuable, but if you are working in the art (Drawing, …) field or creating content, each stroke with extremely low latency is only 9ms will help you sketch many daring ideas that just flash in your head.

In the Galaxy Tab S6 the phenomenon of “slippery” when writing with the S Pen appeared quite often, but with the Tab S7 series it has been overcome. The drawing feels more realistic, creative ideas are shown more easily.

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If you consider the S Pen to be a work assistant, it is not for all users, because not everyone has the need to apply the S Pen to work.

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But the S Pen is also an entertainment tool for everyone to “relax” after very good stressful hours. With the Pen Up app, you can take part in coloring pre-drawn paintings or draw your own. Drawing or coloring pictures is very relaxing.

Battery life: Improved capacity, super fast 45W charging

The standard Galaxy Tab S7 has a battery with a capacity of up to 8,000mAh while the Plus version has a battery of up to 10,090mAh, which are all huge numbers and can meet good usage time.

In fact, with the need for a device that supports regular work, the Galaxy Tab S7 series can meet 2 days of use. If your needs are less, check mail, entertain with simple games and watch videos after free time it can take longer, possibly up to 4 days.

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The Galaxy Tab S7 / S7 + duo possesses charging technology up to 45W, with a large battery that the company equips, it is clear that fast charging with high capacity will be a necessary feature. However, Samsung only comes bundled with a 15W charger inside the box, so users who want to maximize their charging efficiency need to purchase a separate 45W adapter.

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Galaxy Tab S7 supports fingerprint on power key

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Galaxy Tab S7 + supports in-screen fingerprint


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Compared to the previous generation, the changes Samsung brought to the Tab S7 and Tab S7 + are not too big, but they are the perfect points for the predecessor, making the Galaxy Tab S7 series duo become great job support tool.

For users who need to handle work anytime, anywhere such as office workers, businessmen, CEOs, … or you work in the content creation field, the Galaxy Tab S7, Galaxy Tab S7 + would be a good choice.