Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 reviews part 1

Saying the Galaxy Tab S7 series is the perfect tablet would be an exaggeration, but considering the Tab S7 series as the perfect successor from the Galaxy Tab S6 would be perfectly reasonable.

It is not difficult to recognize a few “limitations” that the Tab S 2019 is still “outstanding” and has been overcome by Samsung on the Tab S7 series.

Design: Bigger screen, better experience

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When it comes to the design, basically, there are not too many overall differences between the 2019 and 2020 models. The lines are still maintained enough, not making the device too female and also do not make the product too angular and aggressive. With the Tab S7 series, both male and female users can fall in love with this product at first sight.

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What makes the Tab S 2020 superior to the old is the screen size, the standard version is raised to 11 inches and the Plus version is raised to 12.4 inches, the larger size will give Better display experience, serving higher entertainment needs.

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In particular, for users who regularly use tablets to handle work, the large display space will satisfy maximum work handling operations. Imagine, the Tab S7 + 12.4 inch size, nearly 13 inch threshold is equivalent to a small laptop. While a 13-inch laptop in the same price range will not have the thinness and flexibility of the Galaxy Tab S7 + in terms of shape and design.

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DeX combines cover: Great support for your work

DeX, a feature that is not very unfamiliar to Samsung users, after many years of development from having to connect to a cable (cable), now DeX is able to switch the interface on the tablet itself. no connection tools are needed.

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DeX on the Galaxy Tab S7 series is an interface that is customized so it looks more like a laptop. Of course, this is still the “custom interface” of the Android operating system, so the app icons and styles showcases Android-specific app lists. For ease of visualization DeX is a feature that turns the Galaxy Tab S tablet into a Chromebook product.

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What’s so good about DeX? The customization of the Samsung interface offers better multitasking capabilities. Users can now open multiple application windows on one desktop interface. Overcoming the limit of “running two apps in parallel” that Apple iPad Pro currently has.

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And yet, Galaxy Tab S7 series supports cover cum keyboard + touchpad, when connected to products combined with DeX this will be an extremely useful toolkit to support maximum work.

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For most users, now “work” is encapsulated in presentation files, Microsoft Office suite or processing (editing) images, content. And when the Tab S7 series is combined with the keyboard, it will allow to handle most types of documents, Excel files anytime, anywhere, fast and accurate input, touchpad support display like Windows mouse. friendly, familiar feel, precise click operation.

For a long time, Samsung and Microsoft have been working together to optimize the Office suite for the Galaxy, and this is the right time for users to enjoy the fruits of this partnership on the Galaxy Tab S7. series.

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Besides the compliments, are a few “weaknesses” that Samsung may need to overcome for the next generation. The main problem lies in optimizing the software, applications only work “in parallel” when displayed on the screen, if an application is hidden or minimized, the application will stop.

Next is the support for “drag and drop”, this is an operation that users use a lot on laptop systems that if Samsung “optimizes” this manipulation, then perhaps the story “laptop replacement. “Is sooner or later.