Besides Galaxy S10 / S10 +, Samsung also introduced a smaller, cheaper version called Galaxy S10e with a price in the US market of 750 USD.

Samsung Galaxy S10e reviews, the shortened version of Samsung Galaxy S10 costs about 750 USD

If Apple has a high-end iPhone Xs / Xs Max and a shortened iPhone XR, so will Samsung. Galaxy S10e has a 5.8-inch screen with some differences compared to the big “brother”.

Specifically, the S10e does not have a curved screen, fingerprint sensor placed next to the screen, not in the screen, only 2 rear cameras. Despite the lack of many things, if you need a hand-held handset but important is a strong configuration, the newly released S10e is the perfect choice for you.


Although the “cheap” version of S10 / S10 +, S10e’s design is not “cheap” at all. The Verge reporter admitted that S10e held it like an iPhone X, with an aluminum frame and two front glass faces combined into one block. The device is still equipped with IP68 water / dust resistance standard and wireless charging.


As mentioned, after 2 years, the S series has a flat screen version, which is S10e. A flat screen means that the border cannot be “sexy” like the S10 or S10 +, apart from the big “mole” for the front camera can also make you a little uncomfortable.

Similar to S10 / S10 +, S10e’s screen uses Dynamic AMOLED panels with HDR10 + certification, Full HD + 1080p resolution, 19: 9 ratio.


Praiseworthy for Samsung when cutting a few things but S10e processor chip remains the same compared to S10 / S10 + (Snapdragon 855 in the US, Exynos 9820 for other markets). No doubt, these are the most powerful chips in the smartphone world today, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on S10 / S10 + to own that chip.

Other S10e specifications include the option of 6 / 8GB RAM, 128 / 256GB internal memory, microSD memory card support, 3,100 mAh battery, Android 9 Pie platform and One UI interface.


On the back, instead of 3 cameras, on S10e only 2, including 12MP wide-angle camera changes the aperture and ultra-wide angle camera 123 degrees 16MP.

In terms of quality, we have to wait for more detailed reviews. Software features emphasized by Samsung for this camera like Shot Suggestion will suggest you how to choose the frame to capture for beauty, or Scene Optimizer manually adjust the camera parameters to suit the surrounding environment in real time. with neuron processing unit (Neural Processing Unit).

The Galaxy S10e can also shoot 4K HDR10 + videos that deliver a range of colors, good contrast, and a “super-shake” feature that uses data from ultra-wide-angle cameras for better video stabilization.

S10e has a 10MP front camera similar to S10 with a separate portrait mode.


Galaxy S10e will be reserved from February 21, sold from March 8 for $ 750 for the standard RAM / ROM 6 / 128GB, 8 / 256GB version will be more expensive.


Samsung Galaxy S10e reviews, the shortened version of Samsung Galaxy S10 costs about 750 USD
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