Surprisingly, Samsung also introduced the most advanced version of the flagship S10 with 5G network, big screen and up to 6 cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S10 has 5G version: 6 cameras, 6.7 inch screen

According to The Verge, this 5G S10 version will be sold exclusively to Verizon’s US network before being available at other carriers, the shelf time is in the first half of this year.

Galaxy S10 5G has a screen of up to 6.7 inches, bigger than the S10 + (6.4 inches), a 4,500 mAh battery compared to S10 +’s 4,100 mAh. However, because 5G is a new technology, it will consume more battery, do not expect the usage time of S10 5G longer than S10 or S10 +. Of course the battery needs to charge quickly, Samsung says the S10 5G supports fast charging with a capacity of 25W, of course there is still the possibility of reverse wireless charging for other devices.

The S10 5G has 256GB internal memory, 8GB of RAM and does not support microSD memory. Unfortunately, there is no 12GB RAM version or 1TB memory like S10 +.

Of course Samsung’s goal of launching the S10 5G is to promote the 5G network. The Korean company says you can download a full movie in just a few minutes, play the game streamed through the cloud without lag, download VR, AR and 4K quality video content for friends and family. family.

Another special feature of the S10 5G compared to the other 3 S10 versions is that we have 2 3D Depth cameras, 1 on the front and 1 on the back to support enhanced virtual reality technology (AR). Total S10 5G has up to 6 cameras (4 after 2 before).

Currently, the 5G deployment in the US is still not extensive, so 5G on this S10 version is not really useful, at least this year.


Samsung Galaxy S10 has 5G version: 6 cameras, 6.7 inch screen
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