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Register StormGain Margin and Derivatives Exchange – Step by Step Guide

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In today's article, you and I are in the " Guide to Register for a StormGain Derivatives Account " to help you easily open and register an account step by step.

Opening a derivatives account at StormGain requires you to prepare the following documents

  • 1 email address used to verify email after registration is complete
  • 1 phone number used to register an account
  • This floor does not require KYC, so there is no need for identification documents to verify the identity of the people's identity card or Passport.

You can watch the Video on how to register your StormGain account below:

And see detailed instructions on how to register for a StormGain account in the article section below:

Instructions to register for an account on derivatives exchange StormGain

Maybe you are interested!

===> Before entering the main content about Stormgain. I would like to warn you this is not a leading cryptocurrency exchange. Hence all the risk you will be at risk of receiving. We recommend that you use Binance for trading. Sign up here. Why do I recommend this to you? Since Binance is the world's leading exchange, used by most crypto players to earn money. It is really reputable and highly secure thus limiting the risk to your funds.

Here we go!

Step 1: Visit StormGain's account opening page by clicking on the link: HERE (register under this link and use code BONUS25 to get $25 bonus)

Fill in the information: email, password, phone number and code BONUS25 (gift 25 dollars) as in the example below: then select Earn +25 USDT to register an account

You will receive an email notifying you of a successful Stormgain account opening as shown below:

Pretty simple isn't it!

Your Guide How to Get $25 Bonus for Trading

After you have registered an account according to the instructions above. Here are the steps to get $25:

Step 1: Deposit at least 100 USDT in your wallet on to activate Bonus 25 USD

Step 2: Start trading from $25 to make a profit. If there is a profit, you can withdraw the profit from the exchange and even withdraw the original 100 USDT deposited earlier if you want.

Instructions for verifying Email, Phone number for StormGain Margin account

After completing the registration, you need to verify your Email and Phone Number.

To verify, go to Settings as shown below:

Click on Verify Email and Verify phone number in turn as shown below to verify yourself:

Activate 2FA to secure derivatives exchange account StormGain

Go to Security as shown below:

Then select Google Authentication to enable 2FA

Coming here is quite simple, just like activating 2FA on other cryptocurrency exchanges. You install the Google Authenticator app on your phone first, then use the app to scan the QR code. And remember to save the backup key as in the example in the image below to have a backup if there is a problem

Finally, enter the Google Auth authentication code in the phone app and you're done

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I wish you success.

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