Realize the work to improve the service quality of Grill Street Restaurant

The receptionist can be considered as the face of the restaurant, so when welcoming guests, they must smile and know which areas are available or empty so as not to have to lead guests around. Record guest reservations.

Chef: is the person who gives the recipe, prepares new dishes for the restaurant, guides the chef, performs the work and is the person who directly stands in the main kitchen, checking the dishes before serving to the guests. .

Is the person who places the order and checks the quantity and quality when receiving the goods in the kitchen, reports the revenue and expenditure to the head or deputy head of the department.

Busboy: is a new apprentice, has just joined the staff and they will be the main waiter in the future, they will help bring food to the waiters to facilitate the service of guests during the day. The restaurant is fast and convenient.

Cashier: Process bills accurately and notify restaurant colleagues about currency and credit card prices.

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Cleaning department and tools: quickly collect dirty dishes from the service staff, place them in a place out of sight of guests, to avoid dropping them and causing noise. During crowded times, you can help the waiter clean the table when there are no guests.

Collect and clean up dirty things scattered on the table and be responsible for cleaning and keeping the toilet area clean.

Realize the work to improve the service quality of Grill Street Restaurant

2.3 Realizing the work to improve the service quality of Pho Nuong Restaurant

2.3.1 About facilities

Pho Grill Restaurant has 5 areas and 2 air-conditioned dining rooms that can accommodate 400 guests with 200 seats. Each area has a tool cabinet and sound and light system, tablecloths, napkins are brought to each area by the laundry staff at the beginning of each shift according to the number of tables. Particularly, European cooking utensils are not kept in the tool cabinets, but the leaders of the zones must borrow them at the warehouse and count the quantity (with receipt) at the end of the shift, and the staff will return them to the warehouse department.

Tables and chairs are arranged and decorated beautifully to create comfort for guests. If guests who book a party here have special requests such as: fresh flowers, balloons, karaoke, taking pictures ... will be served. Through the survey made by customers about customer satisfaction when coming to Banh street restaurant, 19 people (38%) feel very satisfied with the restaurant's facilities such as the atmosphere and the setting. inside the restaurant, eating utensils, tables and chairs and seats…. But besides that, 21 people (42%) feel satisfied, and 10 people (20%). There are strengths and limitations in terms of facilities as follows:

Strengths: Under the management of Saigon Tourist Tourism Corporation, so the restaurant is invested in relatively modern facilities, every year the Corporation invests in the replacement and purchase of new catering utensils. . Currently from September 2010 Pho Ban restaurant is being repaired and upgraded to better serve customers on holidays.

Besides, there are also limitations such as: Maintenance work is not organized regularly, but when there is a problem, it is repaired and maintained. The old furniture and tools have not been completely replaced, the old and outdated sound and lighting system has not been purchased new. The investment in new technology in restaurant management is still slow as management software has not been invested by the Corporation. Floor 1, floor 2 has no roof, so it's very hot, so guests come very often. The parking lot for guests is not well served, not large enough, especially on peak days, the restaurant often has to use the road surface as a parking space for guests.

2.3.2 Labor force

In the restaurant department, the workforce makes up the largest number. This is the direct business division that brings a large source of revenue to the hotel. Improving the quality of the workforce in this department can directly affect service quality and labor productivity.

Working age: Employees in the restaurant are young workers and are in a stable and mature state. Female: 18 - 45 years old, Male: 18 - 50 years old.

Language skills: Most of the restaurant staff know at least one foreign language. Because De Nhat Hotel is a 4-star hotel, the staff's foreign language skills must also be in line with the standard. Most restaurant staff know

English. Especially the management team is very fluent in English. In addition, they also know other languages ​​such as Chinese and Japanese.

During the working process, the corporation has a specific plan on organizing to improve the level of culture, foreign language, professional expertise, training techniques and retraining the management staff and staff. qualified professionals in the industry.

Every year, the corporation organizes a vocational training test and an exam to raise the number of technical staff in the restaurant industry. Through the examination and promotion exam, the employees who meet the requirements will be decided by the General Director to recognize the appropriate job level. In order to have a team of young, dynamic and talented managers, the hotel has a short-term and long-term investment policy by sending staff to management staff.

Departments and divisions participate in training courses such as:

Studying in Malaysia: 3 people CEO: 6 people Sales director: 4 people

International hotel manager: 10 people Environmental auditors: 11 people Trainers: 4 people

In addition, in the five hotels, the hotel has created conditions for employees to participate in the restaurant skills exam review, over 100 times of employees have been trained on chemical safety, 63 times of training on electrical safety, occupational safety motion. Especially, employees self-study to improve their education and foreign languages.

Thus, the hotel is constantly working to improve the quality of the workforce, that is, to improve the quality of service.

Also based on the customer survey, 19 customers (38%) feel very satisfied with the restaurant's staff, 21 people (42%) feel satisfied, and 10 people feel satisfied with the restaurant's staff. accounts (20%) feel normal about the restaurant's staff. From there, it shows that the restaurant's staff has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages: Employees are regularly trained to improve their skills, enthusiastic employees with high sense of responsibility, enthusiastic customer service

attentive… staff master the service process, work on time and strictly follow the regulations of the restaurant.

Cons: During peak season due to lack of staff, the restaurant recruits more seasonal employees who have not undergone professional training courses.

2.3.3 Overall evaluation of the service process at Pho Grill restaurant

Take bookings and organize a party

Preparation phase

Service phase

Payment and farewell stage

Clean-up phase

Diagram 2.3 Banquet service process The stage of receiving orders and organizing the party Process of receiving party orders

This job will be done by the managers of Pho Nuong restaurant and will be fully responsible to the head of Pho Nuong restaurant department.

Greeting guests

Invite guests to sit, take water to invite guests

Ask about the reason for contacting the party room. If making a reservation, ask for the following information in advance:

Date, time, date (lunar/lunar)

Number of tables to be organized (to arrange for each area)

Check whether the vehicle data meets the customer's needs.

If there are no seats available, do the following: Convince guests to reschedule or reschedule the event.

Update customer information (name, phone number) so that in case there is a cancellation or change, contact the guest.

If there is room, perform the following procedure: Take the customer to the premises.

Introduce services (menu prices, specials, services...). Briefly explain to customers to understand.

When the guests are satisfied and agree, write a reservation agreement (first deposit) and record the information in the reception book. Then, call the cashier to receive the deposit and hand over the receipt to the customer. Points to note when accepting bookings and organizing parties

When making a contract:

Fast, accurate, does not take much of your time


Advise guests on the number of table reservations: long tables, round tables…

Advice on menus, dishes suitable for each object, number

The quantity, the way of serving, the ingredients, the way of cooking the dishes are balanced, full of necessary nutrients, avoiding the two main ingredients overlapping, the dishes are suitable for the weather.

When the customer offers a price, they must choose a menu that is suitable for the price and brings profit to the restaurant.

The minimum menu must include: appetizers, savory dishes, and desserts. The price must be clear and appropriate.

Consulting services and costs: seat covers, balloons, sound system, congratulatory ceremony of the art team...

Advice on drinks: the number of varieties. Introduce the process of serving water, ice charges, costs incurred when there is an additional request or when guests bring drinks.

Final check all party information, hand over to guests to sign for confirmation, call cashier to receive money. Termination of a contract with a customer.

Enter the details of the party

Write it down in the contract book, give it to the kitchen to sign

Check if the details in the contract are complete

Contact and ask the host before and after the party: what has been satisfied for the guests has been fully satisfied? Monitor guest satisfaction. Record all guest comments in the customer comments book.

In short, this is the first and most important stage, making the strongest impression on guests coming to the party.

This stage determines the following stages. Therefore, it is required that the manager in charge of the reception of the party needs to have a convincing way of talking to guests. By giving customers a car to see the contracts that the restaurant has organized and the contracts in the near future will be implemented for customers' reference.

Depending on the audience, the manager introduces the organization to suit their economy. For upper-class guests, it is possible to introduce additional services or respond to unique guest initiatives that the restaurant is capable of implementing. Service phase Stage of preparation for service

If you prepare well, the service will proceed more smoothly, the more attentive the preparation, the better the conditions for taking care of guests while serving.

Usually the party will start at 18 o'clock at the earliest. Therefore, the service staff must be present at the beginning of the afternoon shift at 14 o'clock to prepare serving utensils and set up the table, the work includes:

Wipe and prepare eating utensils: cups, forks, spoons, chopsticks, saucers, napkins, glasses and serving utensils such as ice buckets, ice folding utensils, soy sauce pots, toothpicks...

The arrangement of tables and chairs depends on the requirements of the party booking guests, but the tables and chairs are arranged in the form of a long table (20-40 people) or a rotating glass round table (10 people / table).

Staff will arrange tables and chairs so that they are beautiful and convenient for traveling to serve guests.

Spread tablecloths, chair covers and tie bows. Fold napkins.

Arrange condiments: add soy sauce, fish sauce, toothpicks and chili…

Set up the banquet table: the cup is placed face down on the fork, the right is placed in the order of chopsticks (with level), spoons and small dotted cups; on the left put a dish lined with towels, on the top put a glass. Just like that, set up ten sets for a rotating glass round table.

Place napkins on cups, soy sauce, chili, toothpicks and party menus are placed in a corner on the glass in the middle of each table.

When the preparations are completed, the team leader or manager will make a final check of the areas, make a serving chart, check the serving utensils placed at the table such as soy sauce pots, toothpicks, menus...

Before serving, the manager reminds staff in each table division to better serve guests. Although the tables are divided, the staff in

The region should also support each other. The assigned staff must check that there are enough openers and lighters to prepare for service.

Prepare all the tools on the table and the table is placed in a convenient position for easy access to items. Avoid the situation when you need to get tools at the arising table, which will mess up the service process if the table has guests.

From there, staff must prepare adequate tools for their area and complete according to the following principles:

Follow the working procedure carefully

Preparatory work is carried out on a unified process. Everyone does a different job.

For example, when starting work, the male employee takes care of setting up the table, spreading the cover, placing the rotating glass; The female staff takes care of cleaning the dishes so that the table can be booked as soon as the table is arranged and smooth.

While preparing the tools need to be examined one by one. Return the cleaning unit for unclean tools. Discard damaged tools (such as chipped porcelain, etc.)

Check that all tools are complete and in place.

In addition, the service staff also prepare baby seats for their area so that when they need to use them, they don't have to run around and waste time and effort.

Decorate balloons, flowerpots, check the sound, if there is any problem, immediately report it to the technical department for correction. Service phase

Greet guests and invite them to sit. If a table is already occupied by guests, take out the chopsticks bag, turn the glass over and put beans and cold towels on that table for the guests.

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