Danny Higginbotham believes that the Belgian striker will have to leave if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is in position after this season.

Rashford is expected to make Lukaku leave Man Utd

“It will be a big step back for Rashford if he has to cede his position after what he has done. If Solskjaer is officially appointed, I don’t think Lukaku will stay. We have seen very clearly that Solskjaer likes one. Flexible public goods, “Higginbotham said.

Rashford could take the position and make Lukaku leave.

Since Solskjaer replaced Jose Mourinho to lead Man Utd, Marcus Rashford has been given a mediocre position – his position. Before that, Rashford often had to cede this position to Romelu Lukaku. However, Higginbotham thinks that Rashford’s versatility makes him more suitable for Solskjaer’s strategy.

“Lukaku is a great central striker but he can only play in the center, while Rashford can swap places with Jesse Lingard and Anthony Martial. Can Rashford kick as a number 9 at Man Utd? I don’t think they need some 9 in that way, “said former Stoke City player. “Rashford can play in many different roles and therefore, I will be surprised if Lukaku does not leave next summer.”

Man Utd tied Rashford’s leg with a six-year contract and secured the future for the striker. Being a product of the Man Utd training academy and British also made the player born in 1997 have an advantage when competing for position.

Having the same opinion as Higginbotham, former Liverpool striker Danny Murphy also believes Rashford’s form makes Lukaku’s future threatened.

“There will be an awkward situation at Man Utd next summer when Lukaku is a number one striker but is this the time for Rashford to take that position? Will he be the big player this week? other than the second striker and have to kick the wings? “, Murphy said. “Only Ryan Giggs scored 100 matches for Man Utd faster than Rashford. When you think about the players growing up in Man Utd, that statistic is enough to see how great Rashford is. Is there any better player than Rashford? If so, the person must have cost 130 million dollars. “

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Rashford is expected to make Lukaku leave Man Utd
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