Aweking Nema 10-30P Power Plug Connector,30A 30 Amp,AC 125V 125 Volt,250V 250Volt,2 Pole 3 Wire,Grouding,Generator,Black

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Aweking Nema 10 30p Power Plug Connector 30a 30 Amp Ac 125v 125 Volt 250v 250volt 2 Pole 3 Wire Grouding Generator Black

Aweking Connector 250volt Grouding Generator 1Aweking Connector 250volt Grouding Generator 2Aweking Connector 250volt Grouding Generator 3Aweking Connector 250volt Grouding Generator 4



Aweking Plug Devices has long life and standard design for performance,durability,safty and convenience.Heavy duty shell and copper pin meet what you need. 


The prodtucts have new-designed cord grip which holds your cords or wires stronger.Nylon shell and the material keep from industrial chemicals,solvents and hydrocarbons.Every plug body is molded to its specific pin configuration,keeping from debris andn contamination.


Made to withstand the most abustive environments,deliver consistantly power to all types of industial machinery and equipments when the application must go on in the industries of water treatment, agriculture, outdoor entertainment and factory.


We provide different types of NEMA plugs,connectors and recertacles. Please check the device you want to replace the NEMA device."P","C" or "R",NEMA number ending with, are the key information for your choice.


Voltage:AC 125V/250V
Type:NEMA 10-30P 2 Pole 3 Wire Grouding


1 x NEMA Device

- QUALIFIED PRODUCT:Aweking Plug Devices has long life and standard design for performance,durability,safty and convenience.Heavy duty shell and copper pin meet what you need.
- INDUSTRY STANDARD:The plugs and connectors are made based on the NEMA requirements and have NEMA classic integrity,rock-solid construction and safty features
- NEW DESIGN:The prodtucts have new-designed cord grip which holds your cords or wires stronger.Nylon shell and the material keep from industrial chemicals,solvents and hydrocarbons.Every plug body is molded to its specific pin configuration,keeping from debris andn contamination.
- WIDE APPLICATION: Made to withstand the most abustive environments,deliver consistantly power to all types of industial machinery and equipments when the application must go on in the industries of water treatment, agriculture, outdoor entertainment and factory.
- Voltage:AC 125V/250V Current:30A Type:NEMA 10-30P 2 Pole 3 Wire Grouding

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