Pictures of Galaxy S21 fake on the market

These counterfeit Galaxy S21 products are of very poor quality and bad experience, users should be wary to avoid buying such devices.

Recently, netizens have discovered the first clear and realistic images of the Galaxy S21. However, after all, it turns out that these are just Galaxy S21 counterfeits that are widely sold on the Internet. These items often have terrible designs and can be easily recognized thanks to their appearance details different from what we see on the real thing.

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Specifically, two images of a Galaxy S21 + and a Galaxy S21 Ultra have been posted on social networks. If you are just looking at and not knowledgeable about technology, surely many people will mistakenly think these are the Galaxy S21 will be introduced by Samsung on January 14 here. However, we need to be careful with these items because these are in fact the fake versions of poor quality goods sold online at low prices, targeting less knowledgeable users. technology.

Pictures of galaxy s21 fake on the market 1818

From the image above we can see a Galaxy S21 + copper gold version. However, in fact, the Galaxy S21 + does not have this color option, and if you look closely, the back of the device will see sloppy design, especially the logo engraving area and the main camera cluster.

Pictures of galaxy s21 fake on the market 1818 1

Below is the logo “Galaxy S21 +” which is carelessly engraved. As we all know, Samsung does not engrave the product name and place of manufacture on the back of any smartphone.

As for the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the main camera cluster is even worse than the render: the lenses are the same size and there is a high chance that only one camera can work, the cameras also again only… decorative.

Pictures of galaxy s21 fake on the market 1818 2

In fact, the fact that counterfeit products are rampant online before the real product is released is common for high-end and hot smartphone products (typically the Galaxy S series, Note or iPhone always has counterfeit goods). These types of items often have designs based on leaked renderings on the internet, so the appearance will not be close to the real product, and the experience is extremely bad because these machines often have image is extremely weak.

To be wary, users should not buy such items and should only buy at reputable authorized stores, avoid buying items with very low prices compared to the market.