Parameters to know when buying wifi equipment

Wifi routers (often called wifi routers) are becoming more and more popular in homes or businesses. Choosing to buy a wifi router that suits your actual usage is not an easy task.

Basic Wifi routers:

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Access Point: A Wifi transmitter with only LAN port, ie with this transmitter, the user does not assign an IP address, but just plugs it in to be able to easily use it. However, the downside of this transmitter is that it has poor security. So users should only use in a secure network with built-in firewall, router.

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Wifi Wireless Router: is a device with additional plugs and the word WAN is specified. The advantage of this device is good security, dynamic IP allocation. It is not only for wireless connection but also can connect machines without Wifi card to the Internet like regular desktop computers.

Wireless Modem: This transmitter will have additional small hole DSL – Line. This is considered the most convenient device and is used by the majority of network users. This device not only functions as a Wireless Router but also acts as a modem.

Brand of the device

Today on the market there are many brands from many countries providing wifi routers for many customer segments, customers should choose reputable brands such as Tp-Link, Asus, D-Link …

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Maximum connection speed

The router’s maximum speed is the highest speed the router can handle. If your needs only in a family of less than 10 people, you can choose a router about 300 Mbps is enough. If used for business purposes, corporate offices should choose the types with higher connection speeds. However, the connection speed depends on your internet service provider.

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Single band or dual band

The devices that support dual band (2.4 GHz & 5.0 GHz) give better performance, especially the 5.0 GHz band is not popular, so the case of interference is much less than the 2.4 GHz band. popular today.

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Number of users

This is the first requirement to define and classify the hardware required to ensure the required processing of the user’s data transmission. For businesses or locations with a large number of visitors, you should choose a device with hardware that can handle hundreds of devices at once.

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With a large area and many rooms, you should buy those with long and strong transmissions, often judged by the number and power gain (dbi) of an antenna. It is advisable to buy routers with an external antenna, the purpose of which can customize the direction of the wifi waves.

Or choose special wifi adapters that support through walls through the design and separate high-power amplifier mechanism to increase the output power, the broadcast range will be better with a house structure with thick, many walls. Small adjacent room.

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Common types of tube houses, multi-storey buildings you can refer to the latest Wi-fi mesh technology linking multiple transceivers to ensure a smooth signal.

Standard connection

Wi-Fi standards are being developed more and more to bring more experience for users, so it is advisable to choose systems that support the latest connectivity standards to be able to take full advantage of the technology. The point is currently Wifi standard.

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Security is a problem a lot of users are concerned about, most of them apply many different security mechanisms, of which the most popular is the WPA3 standard which is the newest and most secure encryption version. For business customers, there are more special features such as firewall, user management …

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Easy to install and manage

It is a thing of the past to configure or install wifi with many operations. Many vendors support installing right on mobile applications, making remote access simple and easy.

Experience enhancement features

According to the development of increasingly modern technology, today’s routers, apart from the wifi broadcast feature, are also many attractive features for users to experience such as IPv6 advanced feature or CAPTCHA creation each time you log in, child management features Parental controls, OpenDNS … More specifically, some other routers have an SD card reader for sharing pictures or a USB port for print server, plugging in a hard drive or USB, even SSD M2 expansion slot for ultra-fast access and sharing.