Overview of Research Through Articles, Discussions and Master's Theses

Banks specialize in serving both wholesale and retail and must ensure the balanced development of these two types of services in accordance with the development process.

level, financial, technological and human resources characteristics. In the works

In his research, Dao Le Kieu Oanh has systematized theoretical issues about the development of wholesale banking services in relation to the development of retail banking services, the author statistics, total Collect and analyze the current situation of parallel development of wholesale and retail services at BIDV in the period 2006-2010. Dao Le Kieu Oanh has summarized the successes, shortcomings and

Causes of problems in developing retail banking services

wholesale and retail at BIDV. Since then, the author has proposed a number of solutions for BIDV to develop these two services in parallel.

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(3) At Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics in 2010, author Nguyen Thi

Ngoc Ha conducted the assignment

Overview of Research Through Articles, Discussions and Master's Theses

“Development of service marketing


" Ninh Thu a n " . The topic is a quite unique and new research work at that time when the author chose the aspect of in-depth research on marketing in developing retail banking services at BIDV Ninh Thuan. This research work is even more meaningful in current practice when the key to the strategy cannot be denied


NHBL is technology development

information on a technical basis


marketing Service

NHBL like


How and by what means is the problem


important in developing and improving the efficiency of retail banking services.

(4) In 2012, also on the topic of retail banking services, author Le Cong

with the research project "Solutions for developing retail banking services in

Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank "once again affirmed that the retail banking service segment will be the key to success towards sustainable development of Vietnamese commercial banks in general and Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank in particular . Thesis on physical and chemical systems

discuss about

Commercial banks and services


of commercial banks, the importance of development

service development

NHBL of commercial banks. With information and numbers

phase material

20082012 descriptive thesis

service status

retail bank

at Joint Stock Commercial Bank

Army. The research also details successes, some shortcomings and

Reasons for developing retail banking services at Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank. From that


Propose some solutions to develop services

This is at Joint Stock Commercial Bank


(5) In 2014 , at the National Academy of Public Administration of Ho Chi Minh City, doctoral thesis " Development of retail banking services at Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank " . ” was successfully defended by author To Khanh Toan. Research project on retail banking services at Vietinbank in the period 2008-2013. It can be said that this is the first period after the global financial crisis, Vietnamese commercial banks in general and Vietinbank in particular implemented a comprehensive restructuring of their operations. business. Phat

service development

Commercial banking is considered a mission by commercial banks

focus, key point

in this restructuring. After many years, Vietnamese commercial banks, especially banks in the Big 4 group, focused on the wholesale lending segment that brought high profits but also high risks. In the period 2008-2013, especially after 2010, commercial banks in Vietinbank returned to focus on the retail service segment. Along with systematizing the basic theory of commercial banks and retail services of commercial banks, author To Khanh Toan has delved deeper into understanding and analyzing the reality of commercial banks.

service status

NHBL at Vietinbank. With information, data

The material is quite diverse and multi-faceted

The author has pointed out the strengths and weaknesses in implementing the translation

Vietinbank's banking service. Solutions to develop NHBL services at

Vietinbank was proposed by the author based on the current situation and characteristics of this Bank in the period 2008-2013. The project was implemented and completed in the context of the early period after the global financial crisis and in the Vietnamese banking market. In the South, the competition for NHBL services has begun to "kick off".

(6) In 2016, at the Academy of Finance , Nguyen Thu Giang successfully defended the topic " Development of retail banking services at foreign commercial joint stock banks in Vietnam in The conditions for free competition between commercial banks in Vietnam today . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ This is a very elaborate research project and has many important contributions

service development

NHBL at VCB. Uncle

body, author

service research

Sales at VCB in the period 2011-2015 in the context of free competition between companies

Vietnam Commercial Bank. In addition to systematizing theoretical issues on the development of retail banking services, the author raises theoretical issues related to free competition in this service segment in the market economy and the degree of freedom in this service sector. competition in banking and financial services in Vietnam. With very complete, diverse and multi-dimensional information about VCB, Nguyen Thu Giang has synthesized, analyzed and evaluated the current situation.


VCB's commercial banks, compared with other commercial banks

each service segment

NHBL. Through evaluating the successes, limitations and competitiveness of

VCB regarding each retail banking service segment, the author offers appropriate solutions

VCB's special characteristics are to develop retail banking services under free competition conditions.

(7) With the desire to find factors affecting the competitiveness of retail banking services, in 2016, Doan Thi Thuy Anh, National Economics University, defended the project " Researching and researching Factors that affect competition for NHBL services at domestic banks . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Author Thuy Anh's doctoral thesis was carried out in the period 2010-2015 in which the author focused on understanding and analyzing to see what factors influenced the competitiveness of retail banking services. The author chose research space at local banks

Hanoi desk. Based on the assessment of the level and angle of influence of the factors

(financial capacity, management capacity, technological capacity, retail products and services, transaction network...) impacting the development of retail banking services, the author proposes solutions to increase capacity competition on retail banking services of banks in Hanoi City.

(8) In 2020, author Vu Hong Thanh, Academy of Finance defended

project "Development of retail banking services at Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development

Nam ", with the desire to research theory and practice on service development

NHBL is facing the wave of digitalization of banking activities leading to changes in customer behavior. Author Hong Thanh's doctoral thesis was carried out in the period 2015-2019. The thesis further leaks the theoretical basis of retail banking services of commercial banks, issues of retail banking services are considered multi-dimensional, and additional evaluation criteria are added. Evaluate the development of retail banking services and analyze factors affecting the development

this development. The difference of this thesis compared to previous ones is that the author has stated contents such as: concept of digitalization; digital content in banking activities; The trend of digitizing NHBL services. Through analyzing the current status of retail banking service development at BIDV, the author analyzes and evaluates the achieved results, limitations and causes of the limitations. On that basis, the author offers solutions to develop retail banking services at BIDV. Among these solutions is the solution of building a digital ecosystem of retail banking services, this is a new content compared to previous research projects.

(9) In 2020, with the theme of improving service competitiveness

NHBL, author

Luu Thi

Thuy Duong, University of Commerce, defended


Ph.D. Highly Competitive Efficiency for Retail Banking Services of Joint Stock Commercial Banking _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ B o Viet . _ The project comprehensively researches the constituent elements and criteria for evaluating the competitiveness of retail banking services from the perspective of approaching customers. Through analyzing the current state of Bao Viet Bank's competitiveness (compared with some competitors), the author evaluates the competitiveness of Bao Viet Bank's retail banking services according to structural factors. into a realistic model relative to benchmark competitors. From there, the author proposes solutions to improve the competitiveness of retail banking services for Bao Viet Bank.

2.1.2. Overview of the research situation through articles, presentations and master's theses

In addition to comprehensive and elaborate research projects, there are advanced dissertations


There are also research projects on the topic

access the service

NHBL only

different in research level, research angle, research scope or research time. Most articles are graduate theses or master's theses

Research about



within a commercial bank or a branch

Commercial banks in a specific area. Some articles about NHBL services in the form of articles and presentations. These articles only focus on one specific aspect

Does not comprehensively cover, does not analyze in depth, does not comprehensively evaluate the topic of NHBL services.

2.2. Overview of research situation abroad

PricewaterhouseCoopers, also known as PwC, is one of the four leading auditing companies in the world today. In 2017, this company published the research " Retail Banking 2020 Evolution or Revolution?" Is the 2020 retail industry a matter of refinement or personal life ? _ _ _ _ _ _ Research project on the development trends of retail banking products and services under the impact of the 4th scientific and technological revolution. This revolution will significantly change all aspects of the socio-economic life of people. human. The banking sector cannot stand aside from the huge impacts of this Industrial Revolution 4.0. Specifically, some trends are raised such as: (1) a change in the service business model whereby the banking network will have to change . Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is applied in risk management, customers, and databases. Banking technology will be conducted online instead of the traditional way today;(2)

a change in the way products and services compete

between banks is no longer determined by the presence of branch networks but by technology systems, images and quality of products and services; ( 3 ) reduce the price of products and services ; _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ( 4 ) products and services _ _ _ _ _ _

Goods are distributed through devices




computers, robots, chat bots...; (5) the sharing economy will be applied effectively in the financial and banking sectors (6) banking products and services are designed for each customer based on each customer's needs.

In 2016, Klaus Martin Schwab, a famous German engineer and economist. He is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. He is the author of a book titled " The Fourth Industrial Revolution " , roughly translated as " The Fourth Industrial Revolution " . The book is a laborious and highly up-to-date work with several main contents: (1) total

outlook on the fourth industrial revolution; (2) main changes in work

technology in the ongoing fourth industrial revolution and its impact on organizations and individuals; (3) in-depth analysis of the impacts and policy implications that this revolution poses and from which the author

Offer practical and effective ideas and solutions to countries and businesses

Businesses and individuals can adapt and exploit the potential of the great changes resulting from this revolution. Also in this book , readers will notice some specific aspects that need special attention such as : ( a ) Equality as a systemic challenge . The fourth industrial revolution will create many great benefits and the same number of challenges. A particular concern is severe inequality. The challenges posed by rising inequality are difficult to quantify because large segments of the population are consumers and producers, so innovation and disruption will affect both. positive and negative aspects to people's living standards and well-being. Consumers appear to benefit the most. The fourth industrial revolution has created new products and services that enable increased efficiency in life

of each individual as a consumer, at almost the same cost

no (b) Deep and systematic change

system. Professor

Klaus Schwab affirmed

“The premise of this book is that technology and digitalization will revolutionize everything.” Contacts in the banking and finance sector see that the key to the retail banking service development strategy is to develop information technology (IT) on a digital platform. Therefore, the policy suggestions mentioned in the book are valuable advice for Vietnamese commercial banks to propose appropriate solutions to develop retail banking services in the context of international integration in banking and finance in the world. Industrial Revolution 4.0 platform.

In the annual report on world retail banking published in the 2016 publication of the Global Banking and Finance Research Agency (World Retail Banking Report 2016” in Global Banking & Financial Services), two authors

Anirban Bose and Vincent Batis

mention the problems

After: improve quality

The quality of retail banking services is focused on the experience

of cutomer; The emergence of financial technology companies is a challenge to traditional banks and; How future banking services need to change in the context of banking digitalization.

Also in the annual report on


retail banking topic



2018 World Retail Banking Report 2018 (cited in

Co's publications


Research about

global banking and finance

Global Banking & Financial

Services) . Currently, banks are seeking to play a central role in the system

thorough ecology


through bringing the

Outstanding experience for

client. Besides that is the

emergence of technology companies


(Fintech). These companies target important aspects of the banking value chain that create fragmentation in the use of retail banking services. The 2018 annual report describes the global customer experience, the state of Fintech companies' impact, and how their customers

Fintech company aware of

Surname. Customers have used it

service use

from the bank

This tradition is now gradually shifting to using services provided by Fintech companies. This shows that FinTech providers are seizing the opportunity and thinking in the right direction. Meanwhile, traditional banks are falling behind in terms of perceived value, agility and innovation ability. . Based

on one of the largest surveys of the banking and financial industry from over

16,000 customers across 32 countries and more than 140 in-depth interviews, the report proposes the need to develop digital ecosystems and the elements needed for banks to establish symbiotic relationships with various stakeholders in the banking and finance sector.

Roland Berger, 2015, “ Digital Revolution in Retail Banking. Opportunities in the new multichannel world from a customer perspective . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ The opportunity of customers in the world is very difficult . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Through this research, Roland Berger draws out the following main issues: (1) Digitalization has changed customer expectations and behavior in nearly every field and retail banking is no exception; (2) retail banks need to be replaced

adapt to customer expectations by providing more innovative services and more intuitive terms.

Comments on research projects related to the author's topic

Through statistics and research on research projects related to the thesis, it shows that the topic of retail banking services has received research attention since

very long time, until now

This topic is still valid

and topicality. Opposite to

The audience, scope and level of interest in this topic are becoming wider, more numerous and more diverse. The topic is also "dissected" from many more specific angles and aspects. Each project has a different approach, different research stages, different objects and research space. Some research projects




In Vietnam

in a specific aspect


like; develop

marketing retail banking services or factors affecting the competitiveness of retail banking services. There is a research project on retail banking services before the wave of banking digitalization. Some research projects on developing retail banking services at a specific commercial bank such as VCB, BIDV, MB, Bao Viet or at some commercial banks

on a specific geographical area. Each commercial bank has its own characteristics, each time

Research points on market developments are also different and service developments

NHBL of each level commercial bank

are also not the same. Some


Research on retail banking services has a large scope (globally) and is in the form of reference books and annual reports of reputable organizations in the world (Agency

Research about

global banking and finance

Global Banking & Financial

Services). The projects all have something in common: the theory of services

NHBL, the importance of developing this service, factors affecting the development of NHBL service today...

Belonging to the group of leading commercial banks in Vietnam, Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade has also been studied by a number of authors in a number of aspects such as payment cards, electronic banking services, competitiveness, and financial capacity. . These works focus on deeply exploring, analyzing the current situation and proposing solutions

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